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Comment Re:There's no "may" about it (Score 1) 940

Dude, no one is cheering for the installment of a despot in the US.

"It requires a very oppressive regime, extremely deadly in every way. People are thrown into crazy houses, jails, shot, their property is confiscated because they find ways around your utopian society's ideology and methods."

Your libertarian worldview falls to pieces when there exist corrupt individuals. All the things you fear in your quote can and will happen in your libertarian society's ideology and methods. The only difference being they are perpetrated by oligarchs and corporations.

Comment Payment Options (Score 1) 2

It would appear your only option is credit cards.

They tend to use credit card, cash on delivery, or bank transfer. Cash on delivery would only work for physical goods. The customer would probably run into problems with international bank transfers (they would probably have to subscribe to another service, such as Lloyd's or JP Bank). Credit card would be easiest as the CC company would handle the back end.

Barring that, you would probably have to set up a bank account in Japan to alleviate the international burden on bank transfers, and it should open up the possibility of CoD for physical goods.

Comment Re:Insulate even in the warm climate! (Score 1) 445

Air-conditioned in summer, heated in winter. Central heating and cooling is very very rare. Usually, only the rooms you are using climate controlled. A Scottish chap commented that his family's home's heating bill for heating their entire house 24 hours a day is equal or less than his wife's family's home's bill for heating only a few rooms part of the day.

Comment Kanji Test (Score 2, Insightful) 284

But we are left with a problem: the kanji test that people take to get a certificate showing what they have learned (taken by students and others in Japan) will now become more difficult. This technology has allowed people to become more exposed and use a wider variety of kanji, but it has also become a crutch. Many people can read a lot of kanji, but are hard pressed to remember it and write it by hand (which is required for the test).

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