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Comment Re:Good.jpg (Score 2) 149

>> I still want my DVR to keep recorded shows locally stored at my house.

Yes, I even have an extra ESATA drive attached. Except when there was a problem with the FIOS somewhere, and I couldn't get TV, and figured I would watch a DVR recording instead, it WOULDN'T LET ME WATCH because it couldn't get the online approval that I was paid up. So it's not good enough that they encrypt the drive, and use a nonstandard disk format (which I know because it was a pain to recover when my old hard drive crashed), they need internet access for the DRM. It's not good enough that I paid for the service to record the shows, they have to check that I'm still allowed to watch them.

The only solution is to rewrite the regulations and require treating paying customers like CUSTOMERS rather than fleeced sheep. I expect hell to freeze first.

Comment Re:So glad I don't work with her (Score 1) 290

I would say, more narrowly, that video is better for some purposes than pictures or diagrams. I would rather have the technical documentation with video accompaniment, with the pictures/diagrams being essentially screen grabs from the video. (For music or other performing arts, the discussion is completely different.)

Comment Re:So glad I don't work with her (Score 1) 290

>>> ... will impart the relevant information in a fraction of the time ....

I have to disagree with this, because I constantly get information-free messages like "I have a question for you, please call me back" (rather than "I wanted to ask you ..." and stating the question). I believe the difference is in the nature of the person doing the communicating.

Comment Re:Moderators are the opposite of free speech (Score 1) 465

Worse, people are more likely to be negative towards things they dislike than positive about things they like. And zealots are likely to be zealous about their positions. Thus the effect you mention is likely to push towards polar extremes . . . not unlike the current US political debate.

Comment Difficulty of libertarianism or anarchism (Score 1) 465

This sort of issue demonstrates the difficulty of running society as truly libertarian or truly un-governed. "Free Speech" is generally seen as a good idea; everyone should be free to express themselves as they see fit. OTOH there are concepts of "civil behavior", like not expressing yourself by loudly swearing in the middle of a children's playground. But OTOOH the boundary of "civil behavior" that any particular onlooker draws may exclude what others consider acceptable, like: a child brought to that playground by an adult with tattoos (thus "exposing" the onlooker's child to something the onlooker disapproves of), or a "nonstandard" couple (ditto).

We want freedom for all in the abstract. But we also want our own freedom from other people's freedom impinging on ours, which is the broadest definition of "civility". "Abusing freedom" is a contradiction in terms; one cannot possibly misuse freedom in the abstract, because it means one can do whatever one wants. The problems are judging the point at which one person's freedom of speech impinges on another person's freedom from interference and harassment, and enforcing any kind of limitation on that freedom when we have already committed to freedom in the abstract.

Comment Block "unfettered Internet access" = no freedom (Score 1) 531

The press release says it all. "Unfettered internet access" leads to people getting all sorts of confusing information, alternate viewpoints, non-religiously-restricted perspectives, and all of the ills of modern society. People are just too free, dammit. We need to restrict their thinking, and the first way to do it is to restrict their access to information. Porn is just a straw man; most people would agree that child porn is bad (I agree too), which is why it is already mentioned in law, but we do not place restrictions and surveillance on all magazine publication to prevent printed child porn, and we should not place such censorship power in anyone's hands.

Comment Re:Drones are the answer (Score 1) 114

Somebody wants to save money on equipment. Rather than put a permanent installation on a stadium that's not in use all the time, they want to move extra bandwidth over the highways during rush hour, then "downtown" during the day (or over whichever shopping center / industrial park pays for it). It would be cheaper to use cherry-picker trucks, drive them on station and put up the antennas, but yes, not hip enough, and requires paying a driver while the truck is standing there waiting to be vandalized. The ability to cover a spontaneous location, like a concert or a moving demonstration, would be a bonus.

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