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Comment Why not LIMIT charging to x% max or y% at a time? (Score 1) 180

Looking for a way to satisfy the balance of safety vs. ownership. Would it be enough to:
- limit charging to some maximum percentage (maybe 80%)
- limit the charging rate (no fast charging)
- limit the amount of time per charge (with some enforced delay between charging periods)

Comment Re:Implement "none of the above" (Score 1) 623

I read your math very differently. The people in "these 5 counties alone" were COMPLETELY CHEATED out of their representation. "2 million more votes" - that's more than the three smallest states JUST FOR THE DIFFERENCE! They should have gotten an extra 6 electors! Sounds stupid, right? So why is it "fair" that those three smallest states have so much more power for fewer people?

Comment Re:Why go for a simple majority? (Score 1) 623

But . . . "leveraging this anachronistic shit" is so much easier that evolving. Compare and contrast to music publishing, cellphone and/or cable-TV market segmentation/monopoly , the attempts to prevent (and soon undo) net neutrality, and all of the other usual issues. Entrenched ways of doing business spend as much effort reinforcing the entrenching as they do developing anything new.

Comment Re:The question is this (Score 1) 623

... the first party to pack areas with new citizens beholden to that party could sway a vote for generations and then set policy. ... A lot of states and vast areas of the USA would then be locked out of politics.

Instead of moving citizens, move the areas. That's what "Gerrymandering" is.

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 623

So what happens when large NUMBERS OF PEOPLE feel their government doesn't represent them (rather than "large areas")? In fact, somehow I don't think "areas" feel much. It's the PEOPLE who feel cheated. This year, because of the Electoral College math, there are a lot of people who feel cheated.

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 623

The people in the large cities have decided to live in an area where they are less represented. That is a choice they made.

Very often, people live where they were born and raised. Population centers tend to grow. So just from the traditional conservative "community" standpoint, no, people did not intentionally CHOOSE to MOVE to an area where they are cheated by the system. Admittedly, the problem is exacerbated by people from the agrarian states moving to the urban areas as society and technology change. Are you saying that a system designed with an unfair bonus for some players, that has become even more unfair over time, should be preferred? I bet you wouldn't think that way about any tech issue.

Comment Re:The electoral college is not needed (Score 1) 623

It's not about "3 large states"; it's about "the majority of the people" controlling the election. Right now, each voter in Wyoming is 3.5 times as powerful as a voter in California. In the 1770s, the proportion of largest state to smallest - of only thirteen states - was about 18:1. Now, California:Wyoming is about 66:1. Yet each state gets 2 senators, which is more than 3 times as unfair as it was at the time of the Constitution (66/18); plus each state is guaranteed a representative, but the number of representatives is capped at 435, so quantization error means that Wyoming's representative is shared by 568,300 while each representative in California is shared by 704,566. A little algebra, and Wyoming has 189,433 people per elector, while California has 678,945, which is where we get that 3.5 proportion.

Comment Re:Fake Fake News (Score 1) 788

Break aim and fire into the floor to show you're serious - and too stupid to consider the danger of a ricochet. If a police officer had done it, they would call it a "warning shot". But since it was a random citizen pointing a weapon at another random citizen, it's assault with a deadly weapon, followed by the discharge of a firearm within city limits, reckless endangerment, reckless handling of a firearm, and a bunch of other citations for which the moron should be locked up.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 788

Less judgemental: If a person carries a rifle and several handguns into a pizzeria, and points a weapon at people, and fires a weapon within the city limits of a city with strict gun laws, that person has committed assault with a deadly weapon (and some lesser crimes). Period. Doesn't matter why.

Comment Required text in college. Read 1-3. (Score 1) 381

It was the best comprehensive collection of information at the time it was published, and it's all still valid (if somewhat dated as far as specific examples). What has changed is the tradeoffs and power of systems. If you're not doing tiny/cheap embedded applications, you don't care about economizing quite as much. OTOH the concepts of algorithmic complexity are even more important than before because of the huge scale of online systems.

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