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Comment Re:Drones are the answer (Score 1) 114

Somebody wants to save money on equipment. Rather than put a permanent installation on a stadium that's not in use all the time, they want to move extra bandwidth over the highways during rush hour, then "downtown" during the day (or over whichever shopping center / industrial park pays for it). It would be cheaper to use cherry-picker trucks, drive them on station and put up the antennas, but yes, not hip enough, and requires paying a driver while the truck is standing there waiting to be vandalized. The ability to cover a spontaneous location, like a concert or a moving demonstration, would be a bonus.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 235

Performance might be an issue while actively taking video, but not for saving and transferring data. The performance would also be good enough for things like all of the cached data during web browsing or map directions, most of which is useless after a single access.

Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 235

Part of the problem is the way iPhones sync their data. If you delete it off the phone, iTunes deletes it from your computer backup. Yes, I know, one can copy the data elsewhere in between (and I do); but a lot of people assume that an iTunes "backup" is a BACKUP rather than a mirror, and are surprised when things disappear from the capacious computer drive after making space on the little phone.

Comment Good. Maybe now the contrast will be clearer. (Score 1) 166

US security agencies and US congresspeople have insisted that intrusive surveillance is the only path to security, and security experts have tried to point out that personal privacy and government surveillance are contradictory. Now that the known-to-be-bad Soviet - sorry, Russian - government, led by a known-to-be-megalomaniac who is known to have his political opponents killed, has a formal law in place, the people pushing the same laws here must explain whether we're not becoming the same police state that we decry.

Comment Idealistic vs. realistic (Score 1) 359

If someone invents dirt-cheap power and replication, and if everyone could behave (or be medicated to behave), we get the ideal world of Star Trek (or Larry Niven's Known Space). Everyone can be comfortable, nobody needs to steal, any violent tendencies are obviously mental illness that needs "curing".

If we consider historical example, we get subsistence-level colonies like Star Wars (except for the Jedi, which are fantasy). Or, more realistically, big modern cities in the center of things and subsistence-level colonies like Firefly, which is itself a tramp steamer just like the "African Queen" in space.

It also depends how long it takes to get anywhere. If travel takes months or years, shipping is only worthwhile for durables like minerals and manufactured goods; and each colony has to become more independently technological. But if shipping is weeks, and perishables can be frozen like New Zealand lamb getting to the rest of the world, then colonies can remain more "backwards" farming suppliers.

Comment Two sets of pipes so you can choose water sources? (Score 1) 173

That's the problem. Some things become a natural monopoly unless you're willing to spend a LOT of money. Well, no, the real problem is that building managers - like hotel phone service managers before most guests had cellphones - start to see everything as a profit center, including something that they aren't even paying costs for. For buildings that existed before cable, someone chose ONE cable company to come and retrofit cable everywhere, so it's a monopoly; for newer construction, with cable preinstalled, there is still only one cable preinstalled.

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