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Submission + - Verizon cancelling email; what email providers do you trust? (verizon.com)

DutchUncle writes: Paying for an ISP has always included an email service . . . until now. Verizon is abandoning the service. Their one option for keeping an email address active is moving it to AOL (they still exist???) while their FAQ answers "What will this cost?" with "There is no charge for moving the data." (Nice avoidance move!) I don't think I want my credit card emails going through gmail's greedy filters. Anybody have an email service provider that they trust?

Comment Contradiction in terms: not "all" but "one" (Score 1) 383

All of the systems that profess to make something "run on all platforms", all the way back to the original high-level languages like Fortran and Algol, are really trying to go the other way - patch over the underlying hardware to make everything look like a uniform platform. Java doesn't run on all platforms, any more than Pascal did; rather, it runs on all interpreters, with a different one for each system that makes a uniform platform. One could say the same of operating systems too; the "driver" is the shim and flexible glue between the uneven hardware reality and the nice level abstract OS platform.

Comment Re:Redefining words so we can make a "discovery" (Score 1) 143

Not joking: My father was in high school in the 1940s - NYC Bronx High School of Science. One year he came back after summer break, and the chemistry teacher had everyone open the textbook to the page saying the atom was indestructible, and rip it out. The counter-example had blown up Hiroshima a month earlier.

Comment This was illegal long before the internet (Score 1) 267

Short-term rentals (less than a month) were defined as being in the "hotel" category a long time ago, and a "hotel" faces licensing and taxing and insurance and legal responsibilities and all sorts of things. You could rent rooms in your own home if you were living there - no different from having visitors - but renting out to people when the owner is NOT living there is a "hotel". This is not news. One could argue that a different category would be nice to have; I have rented apartments in Edinburgh and London, both of which were registered with the appropriate tourist boards, licensed and insured appropriately, and had a hefty deposit to dissuade misbehavior. But the various online services don't seek to change or expand the laws, just claim that everyone can bypass them.

Comment Re:Publicana (Score 1) 79

So these publicani came into being for one specific government-issued contract, and was disbanded immediately after it's completion... yes that's *just* like a corporation... oh wait, no, it's NOTHING like a corporation

Wrong again. This is exactly how Donald Trump has made money while the projects with his name on them go bankrupt one after another. Same is done for other buildings, condo complexes, shopping malls, and other projects. Each is set up as its own corporation as if it has no connection to anything else that the developer, producer, and constructor has ever done or will ever do, and the project originators are now hired as subcontractors (instead of being the bosses). The project is done to some point of completion, at which the individual units (apartments, town houses, stores) are sold off to end-buyers. Now the originators leave to do other things. Point is, when a problem appears a year or two down the road, and the buyers want to complain to the construction company, THERE ISN'T ONE - the "building construction" corporation has become an empty shell or withered completely. I know you're thinking of the megacorps that persist and engulf and devour, but the use of incorporating to isolate is even more prevalent.

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