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Comment Re:Publicana (Score 1) 79

So these publicani came into being for one specific government-issued contract, and was disbanded immediately after it's completion... yes that's *just* like a corporation... oh wait, no, it's NOTHING like a corporation

Wrong again. This is exactly how Donald Trump has made money while the projects with his name on them go bankrupt one after another. Same is done for other buildings, condo complexes, shopping malls, and other projects. Each is set up as its own corporation as if it has no connection to anything else that the developer, producer, and constructor has ever done or will ever do, and the project originators are now hired as subcontractors (instead of being the bosses). The project is done to some point of completion, at which the individual units (apartments, town houses, stores) are sold off to end-buyers. Now the originators leave to do other things. Point is, when a problem appears a year or two down the road, and the buyers want to complain to the construction company, THERE ISN'T ONE - the "building construction" corporation has become an empty shell or withered completely. I know you're thinking of the megacorps that persist and engulf and devour, but the use of incorporating to isolate is even more prevalent.

Comment Re:My Wife does this (Score 1) 63

If you were talking about a business partner or office manager, nobody would assume you were being facetious. Choosing a partner should include such practical considerations along with the emotional ones. If you have chosen wisely, like an athlete choosing a good agent or a band choosing a good manager, then delegating decision authority may well be your best course of action.

Comment Re:conflicting theories? (Score 1) 63

A touch of OCD contributes to solving problems that require puzzling over details. A touch of ADD contributes to tracking prey through the underbrush while also noticing the snake to avoid stepping on. Our educational system has standardized on the facets of "civilization" and "technology" in which the OCD side has more potential usefulness, partly because of the self-fulfilling nature that a system tends to reinforce itself and partly because the OCD types are more likely to set up a "system" in the first place.

Comment Re:Automatically plunging necklines (Score 1) 159

The funny part is, I avoided Facebook until a group that I participate in, and the band my son was in, exclusively used a Facebook page instead of creating their own web page. I tried convincing both publicity people that they were going backwards, like to the Compuserve walled garden days, and of course they didn't understand the "archaic" reference - after all, isn't everybody on Facebook? So now I know a handful of young people who use Facebook only to read announcements.

Comment Re:Keep it original... (Score 1) 304

Compare to the first appearance of Yoda, pretending to be a silly little muppet who will guide Luke to the great Jedi before revealing that he's it. I think the reason it didn't work is that Lucas went overboard with it - had the reveal happened in the first movie as a cliffhanger, it would have explained why Jar Jar had such amazing "luck", and turned the so-stupid-you-hate-him character into Keyser Söze on steroids.

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