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Comment Leaving the IT jobs angle aside for a moment... (Score 1) 834

... there go a lot of junior staff scientist posts.

Most professional scientists don't earn anything close to US$130k, and the institutions that hire them won't be able to afford to pay anything close to that. Such a move won't be good for US-based scientific innovation.

Comment Re:I admit it, I like Windows 10. (Score 1) 265

I can't agree with this at all. Apple has arbitrarily changed a bunch of the interfaces for things like printer and networking set-up in recent versions, generally hidden menu options and made the user interfaces less informative and intuitive (iTunes is a prime example of this). On a more basic level, the default scrolling direction was reversed, they changed the way Spotlight looks and works (in my experience, for the worse), and have repeatedly changed the way that Spaces looks and behaves. Default information provided by the Finder has gradually been reduced, scroll bars have been hidden. The look and feel of the default browser and the mail client were changed for no other reason than to more closely mirror their iOS counterparts (despite the fact that the pre-existing layouts were more efficient for my use in a non-touch desktop). And on and on in goes...

Every time I get a new Mac, there are more poor OS X design changes that I have to work to try and undo.

Comment Re:Time Capsule (Score 1) 238

I can't see Apple being able to do anything to innovate in this space.

Sure they could. Just off the top off my head: They could have maybe offered a combination Mac power brick with an Airport Express built in as an option. Give it a couple of USB ports, so that people could also use it to charge their other devices with it as well. With the newer 802.11 protocols, they could have offered the option to wirelessly stream video (as well as just audio) to clients on its network. Mac owners would probably even buy several of these things, so they could build out their wifi networks while also having charge points scattered throughout the house. Maybe include a back-up battery in it, so that it could also recharge devices when there's no wall socket present.

None of the above is even close to impossible these days. If they'd made something like the above work nicely in the old Apple "It Just Works" Jobsian way, & their customers would have loved them. They could have even made it an Apple Store upsell option when the customer is speccing out a laptop order.

Comment Re:great news (Score 1) 238

FWIW, I just bought my first non-Airport router for several years this year. I did a lot of reading, & ended up getting an Asus one. It wasn't the cheapest option, but then neither were my older Airports. It's actually way more configurable than the Airport it's replaced, & will support VPN connections & all sorts of port & protocol-based filtering. It's really nice, & really quite simple & flexible right out of the box.

I can also hang a USB3 hard drive off it & it'll appear as a network share, so the thing'll work as a NAS too, so it's probably possible to set it up for Time Machine backups (I've never looked into this in detail, though, as I have a QNAP NAS that already does that).

PS: I have no affiliation with Asus, other than I've been really impressed with their hardware+firmware so far for my own personal use.

Comment Re:Options (Score 1) 495

Mod parent up.

As a longtime Mac user, one of the things I *loved* about my old 12" Powerbook G4 was that it had *everything* in a small, portable computer in a footprint that'd fit on an Economy-class airliner tray: USB, Firewire, Ethernet, video out, audio jack, separate power socket. Even a DVD burner! Also, a good (non-Chiclet) keyboard. It was so refreshing to use, coming from a thin-&-light Toshiba Portege that required the use of dongles & expansion docks for almost everything.

Of course, it wasn't *thin*, which is apparently The Only Important Thing these days. :-(

Comment Re:Great News! (Score 1) 289

Mod parent up.

I frequently have to work in radio quiet zones. I also frequently fly on airliners, which don't allow the use of personal digital radio transmitters (e.g. Bluetooth sources) during flight. In addition, I have a pretty nice set of wired Bose noise-cancelling headphones for use during said flights. All of these are good reasons for me to spurn a wireless-only solution. And I'm not the world's only frequent flier that's also a frequent Apple user.

Also, as others have already noted: using the charging port for a wired headphone connection is only inviting an increased risk of critical failure in the charging system, rendering the whole device useless.

Ditching the option of a separate audio port completely would be a stupid idea. Apple didn't even dare to try that one (yet) with the new-style MacBooks.

Comment Re:So it's our fault (Score 1) 564

"It's 2020 and Windows 7 will no longer have updates? Oh, I have disabled them 4 years ago, so I don't care"

Fortunately for me, the MS Updates system on the only Windows machine that I still own (W7) borked itself well before the release of Windows 10, so I've apparently been rendered immune to forced Windows 10 upgrades by Microsoft's own code. It's just one more way in which Windows 7 is more efficient! :-)

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