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Comment Re:It was GPL before, so is GPL now (Score 1) 504

Right, except for the fact that it is GPL software all the time. You can use it, change it, toss it around, print it and rescan it to code or even try to eat it. It is still GPL. You don't have to release the code but the code you don't have to release is GPL. Distribute it or not, that does not change the license. Distribution is not some magic trick that adds a layer of license to the code.

Comment Re:Lawyer time? (Score 1) 504

If you work on GPL material it is GPL whatever you do. You cannot distribute it under any other license. Doing so and saying it is a copyright violation "but hey sue me if you dare" is the same as saying you are aware it is GPL but you don't give a f***. Even though you don't give a f*** it is still GPL and you wouldn't stand a chance in court. You cannot change what others have decided about their code and that include how derived or extended works are licensed.

Comment Re:Dang! (Score 2, Insightful) 324

Atoms are doing just fine. But you have to remember that we are talking computers here. No matter what you say about them someone will come by with anecdotal evidence that prove otherwise. Like *their* 128 kbps MP3's sound way better than FLAC and so on. It is a lost cause defending stuff like this here.

Comment Re:Instant-On Smartphones? (Score 2, Insightful) 324

Do you dictate that for everyone or am I perhaps allowed to choose for myself what device best suit me? I would rather use ChromeOS for that then a crappy phone (no, iphones are not "smart" when used for non-phone/computer stuff no matter what apple says) and who would want to buy a Wii to browse the web while playing on your Xbox or Playstation and then have to either have two TV's or switch channels back and forth? Saying there is no market for ChromeOS is like saying there is no market for a underpowered console like the Wii. I own a laptop but I never use it to browse or anything like that. It is a "Take with me when I fix computers for others-device". Why would I want to boot a slow laptop when my multi-core PC is in the same room and even boots faster? Yes, there IS a place for a small device used only for browsing and other web applications IF it does not come with a screen as small as a tiny phone who dreams of one day becoming a PC (Well, a MAC actually).

Comment Re:Release cycles? (Score 1) 1231

No, what Canonical is doing is releasing stable releases comparable and competing with Microsoft and Apple and then providing long time support like Debian om their LTS releases. Unfortunately the non-LTS releases is more like unstable or testing. I have been using Ubuntu on and off since Ubuntu 6 (Dapper Drake) and with every release the feel of being a beta tester have gotten worse and worse. This time I really think they have shot themselves in the foot by releasing Karmic with the new GRUB which is not only a beta version but also had known problems before they released it. Many who dual boot installs Windows on the primary drive sine that is what Windows like best and then change the drive with Ubuntu (and GRUB) to being primary drive afterwards. This causes GRUB to take from ~1 minute to load the menu (56 seconds and up in my case). Users in the forum report up to 3 minutes load time. Also it seems many in the forum agree that Ubuntu can no longer be upgraded and is comparable to Windows in that area forcing users to reinstall. I my opinion Ubuntu is a great distro but it is in no way a beginners distro. Beginners should stay one or even two releases behind the release schedule if they want to be sure to have sound, video and a reasonable performance.

Comment Re:Vodka (Score 5, Insightful) 770

Didn't your mother teach you not to lie? That was NOT what he wrote:

IDLE-TIME PROCESS. Once in a while the system will go into an idle mode, requiring from five minutes to half an hour to unwind. It's weird, and I almost always have to reboot. When I hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete, I see that the System Idle Process is hogging all the resources and chewing up 95 percent of the processor's cycles. Doing what? Doing nothing? Once in a while, after you've clicked all over the screen trying to get the system to do something other than idle, all your clicks suddenly ignite and the screen goes crazy with activity. This is not right.

Nice going mods! Veeery informative...

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