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Comment Subway vs KFC (Score 1) 244

I remember watching a Subway commercial years ago where Jared was comparing their chicken sandwich to KFC's. He said that they used "real" chicken. So I decided to buy a chicken sub just to confirm what I already know. Their chicken was just a gaint chicken nugget. If KFC is fake there's more convincing.

Comment Refillable packaging (Score 4, Insightful) 181

Rather than working on ways to continue the level of waste we produce, why not make more products refillable? Toothpaste, lotion, ointments, whatever. Instead of putting them in the same old plastic squeeze tubes put them in serine-like tubes than can be opened, cleaned out and refilled. The was a high end toothpaste called Rembrandt that came in an upright bottle that when you push down on it the paste would dispense from the top. The bottle was hard plastic that was made of two parts. It wasn't refillable but it didn't seem like a stretch to make it so. I can see taking the empty container back to the store to be refilled for less then the full price. Reduce and save money.

Comment Re:what an evil scheme. (Score 3, Insightful) 145

I never really understood this line of thinking, that if one is living an uninteresting, unimportant life they shouldn't care if they're being spayed upon? Privacy is only for people of interest. Everyone else is fair game? I thought it was the famous people who were exempt from having private lives. Personally I think that even if all you do is go home to an empty house and stare at the walls all day you should still do it without, frankly high-tech peeping toms. Buy you should be free to choose whatever you want.

Comment Only real advantage of a curved phone (Score 1) 155

I'm guessing that this is more of a problem for skinny folks who wear tight jeans. If they put a phablet in their front pockets the sides will jut out leaving gaps between the phone and thigh. A curved phone, one that's curved side to side as opposed to top to bottom, will lay close to there thighs taking up less space than the smallest, thinnest phone. But that's just my theory. I couldn't care less about curved phone or displays.

Comment Re:And you can't remove the battery to restart (Score 1) 53

I had an original 8GB iPhone in 2008 and it would crash, not often, but in a way where the touch wouldn't work. Everything else worked, the display, the buttons, but it didn't react to touch. Couldn't hard reset without sliding that icon on screen, unless there was some other way to do it which didn't involve going home and doing a factory reset through iTunes. Apple didn't seem to anticipate the touchscreen being unresponsive in a crash.

Comment limited upgradeability (Score 1) 197

If I was richer and didn't care about gaming I'd be on this. But it has one flaw that don't manifest until years later when you might want to upgrade. I bought a tablet PC 10 years ago andI loved it for painting in Photoshop, but as I tried to do more layered work it couldn't keep up. I really wish I could take the display off and plug it into my desktop.

Comment Free AOL (Score 4, Interesting) 337

Back in 2000 I had one of those AOL CD's that they liked to shove into everyone's mailbox. The would give you so many free hours, but you still needed a credit card. I remember going through the motions of signing up but stopping short of inputting my CC info, as I didn't have one at the time. There was a part of the sign up that searched for a list of local phone numbers. During that time you were connected to the net.I would switch to a real browser, Netscape at the time, and sure enough I was surfing a 56k. The connection would usually time out a about 20 to 30 minutes and I would have to try again, but it still worked.

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