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Comment Re:even more savings (Score 1) 424

I don't consider $1.2M/year to be a minute amount of money.

Any number can look impressive without context.
Let's divide that impressive $1.2M per year by 12 months and then by the 1 billion uniques that Google is getting per month. This will give you the grand total of a fraction of a cent per user per month saving.
And seeing that this is distributed globally, there is no power plant that will see any significant drop in power generation even if the whole world switch over.

Comment Work for yourself, not others. (Score 5, Insightful) 332

If you are interested in learning a web development language, use that skills to work on a idea for your own sites. When I started learning web development, I created a small on-line tool that people can use. Every time I learned a new language, I've re-written the web app in that particular language as an exercise. So my little webapp went from Perl, PHP, Python WSGI to the current Python Django. Now after a few years, I'm getting 1.5K visitors a day and earning about $300 a month for doing nothing. So instead of working for someone else at $100 per project, I starting on some new ideas and seeing if I can earn more recurring income while sipping on a beer. The only hard part is finding the idea to work on.

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