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Submission + - What is wrong with World of Warcraft's forums?

Durrill writes: Ever since the launch of their new forum layout, it has bombarded their subscribers with an inconsistent 'Server is busy, please try again' error. On maintenance days (Tuesdays), it seems to be the only page you can see, that of the error. It seems rather obvious that it is likely to be the 'too many connections' error commonly encountered with open source equivalents such as MySQL and PostgreSQL. In my line of work, when all methods of making our code more efficient have been exhausted, we move on to increasing the server cluster and bandwidth. Such changes are not that hard to make with my small company and it would seem like the bigger ones like that of Google and Slashdot are quite set for handling large database loads. My question is thus, what else could possibly be wrong with their forum technologies that they could not get it fixed in over a month? Check it out for yourself
I dare not provide a direct link to their forums, you'll encounter an error.

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