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Comment Recognizing opportunities (Score 2, Interesting) 572

Wikipedians as a culture have a habitual weakness of assuming that everyone who contributes is Joe-Schmoe-from-Iowa-in-his-bathrobe. A year ago Jerry Avenaim came to the attention of Wikipedia's featured picture program with this nomination. It was nearly speedily closed until I realized the photographer was an active editor and wrote to request a larger version, and even afterward some editors refused to support because they wanted to change the size requirements. They weren't seeing the significance of getting material from a leading Hollywood portrait photographer. Last week I was talking to Noam Cohen and mentioned Jerry Avenaim's contributions. Showed him Jerry's Wikipedia volunteer work. Noam loved the idea and apparently Noam's editors did too. Thank you, Slashdot, for also 'getting it'. Let's hope this story encourages more photographers to donate their work.

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