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Comment Re:Still involved on September 16 (Score 1) 138

Your claim is provably wrong in just a few minutes' worth of Googling. I would say that *most* basketball aficionados explicitly criticize players and others when they discuss the sport. Same with most other sports. What planet are you on?

In any case, doesn't your claim mean that you yourself cannot criticize the original poster? After all, to do so would mean that you yourself must participate in that activity also.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Comment Getting sick of this (Score 1) 604

I'm getting a little sick of Schneier's post hoc, benefit of hindsight finger-wagging. Where was he when all this was going down? He was watching it on TV like most of the rest of us. Of course his theory fits the facts now that the worst has passed. What sticks in my craw is that he supplies these obvious solutions after the fact, then tut-tuts us all for not having seen his brilliance in the first place. How many of his precious, self-advertising blog posts on this topic were made while the events were in progress? One, and it was to advertise some things he'd written. He has nothing practical or helpful to say on these matters, only self-evident, if-only-you-knew advice long after everything has been laid out by others. Sure, now that we know it was probably just two guys with a screw loose, we can marvel at how afraid we were and how reclusive we became. But at the time, nobody knew what was going on. Oh, except Schneier, eh?

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