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Submission + - Why business telephone systems are ideal for small businesses (tongshu.net)

An anonymous reader writes: Sophisticated technology has given them the power to harness the power of the internet for setting up websites to garner more audience, setting up an email and customer care chat for interacting with the customers and most importantly, small office phone systems for personal conversation with the customers.

Submission + - By the Skater for the Skater (skatepro.com.au)

skatepro writes: Skate Pro is an online store catering for all your roller skating needs. At Skate Pro we stock a full range of Skates, Wheels, Bearings, Protection and Accessories. Our aim is to offer skaters the best possible service and to maintain a competitive pricing structure. Skate Pro is a store run by the skater for the skater. You can be assured of first class service and the best advice.

Submission + - 36ur (36ur.com)

Submission + - Bad Feedback Retaliation (buy.com) 1

diemuzi writes: "When it came time for my wife's birthday I decided to replace her Apple iPod 5th Generation Purple Nano which was stolen not long after I originally purchased it. So I found a company called FireSourceSales online which still had them in stock and at a reasonable price. When I received the product to much of my amazement I received a 4th generation. So I contacted them about the problem and I was rudely told it was my problem. So I contacted buy.com which was where I originally found their company and explained the situation to them. Buy.com did the right thing and helped resolve the problem. So now it comes time to leave feedback for the seller and of course based on the rudeness I received from FireSourceSales I left bad feedback about them. Not long after leaving the bad feedback I was contacted from FireSourceSales asking me to remove the negative feedback. Of course, I wasn't going to do such a thing. A few months have passed and all of a sudden I get an email from buy.com which contains an email which I clearly did not send them asking to remove the negative feedback. It appears to come from my email address and also has my personal contact information listed in the email. It's very upsetting that FireSourceSale would even stoop that low to try and forge my information to remove the negative feedback.

My question to the Slashdot community is what would you do in this situation? As I sit here I wonder how many other people have experienced this type of situation."

Submission + - SPAM: New Year 2013

An anonymous reader writes: New Year is the special day celebrated all over the world to mark the beginning of fresh year. New Year is welcomed with enthralling fireworks, parties with live musical performance and fun and laughter
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The Internet

Submission + - Web Design Company, Web Development Company, Web Design Pakistan (megastudios.com)

megastudios writes: "Mega Studios a leading web design company based in Pakistan, strive to deliver quality solutions by using technology and our vast experience. We offer services like website designing, web development, e-commerce, ebay store development, Flash multimedia presentations and search engine optimization."

Submission + - The Expendables 2 ndir (netindir.gen.tr)

An anonymous reader writes: Cehennem meleklerini ilk olarak film olarak tandk. Oyunununda gelmi olmas aksiyon dünyasnda yeni kprtlarn olaca anlamna geliyor arkadalar. The Expendables 2 filminin geçtiimiz günlerde çkmasnn ardndan en güçlü oyun yapmc ve datmc oyun firmalarndan Ubisoft’un çalmalaryla The Expendables 2 bilgisayar oyunu da aksiyon seven oyuncular için beeniye sunuldu. Cehennem melekleri 2 oyunu pc platformunun yannda ps3, xbox360 oyun konsollarnda yerini ald. leri ki günlerde Android platformunda da yerini almas beklentiler arasnda.

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