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Comment Re:Open the pod bay doors, Google (Score 1) 48

...and no more "Hey Google - call an ambulance as this guy's having a heart attack" either.

We're really at version 0.9 of this sort of tech. First they need to distinguish between a few known voices per device. Then they need to distinguish *every* voice, and not sorry which device those voices were heard on. Then they need to be able to act intelligently for any unknown voices - of course, one man's 'intelligent response' is another's 'complete bollocks'. After all that, they need to actually be able to do something useful - really useful like "Hey Google, hold my calls unless they're important" - a human can do that quite easily, but it'll be a while before computers can. When they can though, we might be at v1.0. It's okay, I can wait ;-)

Based on the product road map you've laid out, they would currently be closer to 0.1 than 0.9. Voice recognition has been around a long time. Cloud computing has just helped make it "smarter" by allowing multiple recognition engines to be run in parallel, with the most confident engine's interpretation being selected.

Comment Re:Tell that... (Score 1) 261

I think the ones with memories of being close to starvation don't really mind Trump's ideas. When your life sucks that much a risk of nuclear war is going to be far less scary if it offers the chance of a better future than for us. It's us and our comfortable lives for which Trump's ideas are truly scary.

Ah, that's an interesting take. I should have been more elaborated more in where my thinking was - that no amount of creativity or ideas have set free those oppressed by political regime there. Although, one could argue that this is in part due to all the propaganda, and that there is an active suppression of those ideas coming to light.

Comment Voice controlled home automation for $130 (Score 1) 124

Here's what I did - works pretty well for making "dumb" appliances smart. $50 Echo Dot ( for voice control. $30 set of 5 RF power plugs ( $50 Hook smart home universal RF bridge - allows the dot to control any RF devices on 315 or 433 mhz freqs: ( - easy online rules you can write that work with the Hook One example of something I've done with this is program a sign to turn on in the morning if it will be clear that day, basically signalling to me to grab my fun car keys for the drive to work or wherever that day. IFTTT pulls a weather report to my gmail account, my gmail rules apply the appropriate tag based on the weather report, and another IFTTT rule turns the light on if the email has been tagged a certain way. Easy, and a fun way to avoid having to check the weather before leaving to work. Frivolous? Sure. Fun? Yeah!

Comment Re:what purpose does this app serve? (Score 1) 421

Other than a method to allow a hacker unauthorized access to your home, why on god's green earth would you need a wifi powered garage door opener *for your phone*, when the tried and true RF based ones have been around for decades?

i'm 34; am i too old to understand why people would want clownshit crazy things like this?

Geolocation from your phone can automatically open and close the garage. No security risk of having a garage opener in your car (I HAVE had my opener stolen and my registration taken out of the glove box, and easy way to ransack a house while someone is at work).

Comment Re:Relevant links (Score 1) 130

yes - it allows for the selection of server by geolocation or performance (there is a utility to ping/bandwidth test all of their servers and compare). I'm near Seattle, picked the Seattle server, and have steam d/l server set to Seattle. Sometimes I trace back to New Jersey for some reason, but I'm getting ~150 ping times worst case for gaming.

Comment Re:Relevant links (Score 1) 130

More VPN providers than you can throw a bucket of sticks at:

TorrentFreak 2017 survey:

I've moved from PrivateVPN (seem incompetent) to CyberGhost premium (slow, dodgy untrustworthy they essentially log), NordVPN next.

Valve/Steam f**ks over VPN users, downloads go at 40KB/s whilst using VPN, they seem to think it's up to them whether I use a VPN, like fuck you valve, that isn't your choice to make.

Over my 50mb/s connections I've seen 9-30 mb/s with steam using expressvpn

Comment Re:Here's an idea (Score 1) 360

I like those theaters, and I will continue to go to those more often until my child is old enough to start attending movies. Then my priorities would point towards a more family friendly experience. That's why I think there needs to be more thought in the attending audience at theaters, and the ability to cater to different segments that have similar things in common.

Comment Here's an idea (Score 1) 360

Instead of simply asserting there's some sort of magical experience that a only a theater can provide, how about theaters actually focus on differentiating themselves? It's clear they've lost the technology race, as good sound system, large and 3d televisions are relatively affordable, etc. You have a group of strangers in a room together, watching a film. Right now, I think many of us perceive this as a negative, as there are usually a few who are rude/noisy, using their phones, etc. Turn that negative into a positive. Turn that room full of strangers with a shared interest into a community. See Rocky Horror Picture Show for details.

Submission + - Can Atom based Win8 tablets handle 3d gaming? (

Dupedupeshakur writes: Reviews of windows 8 tablets have all heralded a common theme, that when it comes to battery life and performance, "you can't have your cake and eat it too". As an early adopter of Acer's Clovertrail (Atom 1.8 dual core CPU) based Win8 tablet, I set out on a mission to prove the reviews wrong, and in one way, did. See my video showing the Iconia W510 playing World of Warcraft, something quite a few reviewers claimed "not possible". (youtube, ads disabled)

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