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Comment Summary contradicts itself... (Score 2, Insightful) 424

It says that they "...will not be 'allowed' [to] introduce ____new____ hardware..." and then says, "...throw a wrench in a lot of ____existing____ custom installations..."

How are these things related? Is the submission suggestion that your component video output will suddenly cease to work? Or are they trying to make the leap of logic that old displays will not have any new gizmos to connect to them? I've never seen a piece of display equipment that couldn't be connected to an HD source through some trickery with adapters or an upscaler etc. What's the worry here?

Comment The answer is yes. (Score 2, Insightful) 60

Q. "Given this demonstration, are we witnessing the start of a new era in electronics or are there more hurdles to clear before the manufacturers adopt this fabrication process and embrace graphene?"

A. Yes.

Why are these two things considered by the submitter to be mutually exclusive?? It is both a potential new era of electronics AND there is the potential that there are hurdles to clear. What's the purpose of trying to editorialize a press release?

PHP 5.3 Released 120

Sudheer writes "The PHP development team is proud to announce the immediate release of PHP 5.3.0. This release is a major improvement in the 5.X series, which includes a large number of new features and bug fixes. Some of the key new features include: namespaces, late static binding, closures, optional garbage collection for cyclic references, new extensions (like ext/phar, ext/intl and ext/fileinfo), over 140 bug fixes and much more."

Comment AwesomeBar much more Awesomer (Score -1) 436

I work in a help desk role with four other people supporting a few hundred so I was waiting to pull the trigger for the latest version because I didn't want to lose my workhorse browser in action. But when I started reading about all of the new features I decided I'd dive right into the release candidate given that the headache of backing up profiles and such between upgrades seems to have gone away. Now that the updates to Firefox come automatically and only require a restart of the browser I figured there wasn't really a good reason to wait. I'm very happy with this decision so far. I can't say for sure if it seems faster or not on this setup, but I *can* say for certain that the new features are quite welcome. Especially being able to filter the junk that pops up in the awesome bar with some simple characters. It finally gave me some motivation to properly tag and organize the menagerie of "Unsorted Bookmarks" in Places. I'm quite pleased with the result and I'm already saving a lot of time when revisiting resources related to the support work I do. The only feature that's still missing from the browser that I find myself wishing it has is an advanced interface for creating the smart folders other than the "Save" button in Places. The long and short: If you hated the awesome bar before and turned it off, give it another shot in 3.5 and see if the new features make it bearable. Thumbs up Mozilla.

Firefox 3.5 Reviewed; Draws Praise For HTML5, Speed 436

johndmartiniii writes "Farhad Manjoo has a review of Firefox 3.5 at this week. From the article: 'Lately I've been worried about Firefox. Ever since its debut in 2004, the open-source Web browser has won acclaim for its speed, stability, and customizability. It eventually captured nearly a quarter of the market, an astonishing achievement for a project run by a nonprofit foundation. But recently Firefox seemed to go soft.' The worried tone in the beginning of the review gives way to excitement over the HTML5 features being implemented, saying that thus far Firefox 3.5 'offers the best implementation of the standard — and because it's the second-most-popular Web browser in the world, the new release is sure to prompt Web designers to create pages tailored to the Web's new language.'" The final version could be here at any time; Firefox 3.5 is still shown as a release candidate at Mozilla's home page. Update: 06/30 15:31 GMT by T : No longer marked as RC; the Firefox upgrade page now says 3.5 has arrived.

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