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Comment Objective C could be the reason for iPhone too (Score 1) 266

The original doom (and I don't know how many of the others) were written on NeXT using objective C. That is still the native language on the iphone and it's possible that this engine is written in objective C and would naturally port to the iphone that way. Or perhaps Carmack saw this as an opportunity to do some objective C work if he hasn't in a long time.


The Truth About Net Neutrality Job Loss 187

snydeq writes "Robert X. Cringely investigates recent claims that passing net neutrality regulations will result in nearly 1.5 million lost jobs by 2020, finding the report at the center of these claims suspect. The report, put forward by The Brattle Group, conjectures that net neutrality adoption would curtail broadband growth by 16 percent, costing 342,065 jobs in that sector alone. The 'total economy-wide impact,' however, of such a policy would result in five times as many job losses by 2020, they say. The study is the latest of several weighing the economic impact of net neutrality, including those by law schools (PDF) and free-market think tanks alike. The Brattle Group report (PDF), however, should be met with skepticism, Cringely argues, in large part because the lobbying firm who paid for the report, Mobile Future, is anchored most notably by AT&T. Moreover, the report is 'based entirely on a single assumption: Regulating US telecoms in the late 1990s and early 2000s hurt them to the tune of about 15 percent per quarter, relative to the cable companies.' Yet, as he points out, regulation was not alone in causing this sector shrinkage. In fact, the Baby Bells' own bureaucratic intransigence was much to blame."

Comment I hope they fail (Score 1) 144

I'm in NH and hoping that FairPoint fails and Verizon comes back to the area. Then perhaps we can get FiOS up here and I can also tell Comcast to go screw off.

In the spring I wanted to get my landline which was an MCI account moved over to FairPoint as my bill had gotten out of control due to all of the line-leasing fees, etc. It took them 3 months. THREE MONTHS to do what amounted to an accounting change. Even then I had periods where they screwed it up so bad that my phone was shut off for 3 days, had no long distance, and had no caller-ID etc. It's like watching a power plant run by a bunch of monkeys.

The PUC people that got bribed into OKing this deal should be sent away.

Comment Re:Umm... what other Satellite Radio is there? (Score 5, Informative) 232

They have to compete with every free radio station in the country, internet radio and other forms of music/entertainment content.

Comparing this with TV is the short-bus way of looking at it. TV you can only get from Cable (usually only one player in town), Satellite, or OTA (which isn't eveywhere either). I don't know of many places that you can't get at least 10 radio statios + internet.

It's a "new" format and it has to compete with other audio broadcast formats out there. Look at the bigger picture.

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