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Comment Re:Boot-to-Game (Score 1) 880

it may be because, if I understand you correctly, it's a terrible idea? The main benefit of a multi-tasking OS is that it can multi-task. I like the fact that while playing I can (force) Steam to download another game, I can alt-tab to my email or the web for game hints. In your "boot to game" model, essentially none of this is possible.

Comment Do "booth babes" actually work...? (Score 1) 687

By which I mean, do they really increase footfall and drive interest in company products? These discussions around sexism are usually predicated on the assumption that they must do. Of course, not every person that attends a trade show is the stereotypical "lonely businessman". Some of them will be happily married men for which this cheap ruse in not effective, whom may look down on the practise and may form a negative opinion of the company / product. Increasingly some of attendees will be women, whom I would speculate are rather more likely to view the use of "booth babes" quite negatively. At the very least, using booth babes looks like it might be a trade-off between a small attractive effect on some people and a larger repulsive effect on a (growing) few. Reading that the modelling industry is moving towards making booth babes wear less at trades shows sounds like the tech industry is getting locked into a stupid "arms race" where companies compete to have the 'sexiest' exhibitors. Whatever happened to having the best products?

Comment Is it that mind blowing? (Score 1) 107

Wave particle duality had already been demonstrated on Buckyballs which have a collective molar mass of 720. Here's an article is from 1999 : OK, these are larger molecules rather than the larger particles in the new research, but what's being presented here isn't so much of a leap... is it?

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