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Comment Re:But can we trust Woz's judgement? (Score -1) 549

Re: -1 moderation
This account appears to have been singled out for 'special treatment'. It always posts at -1 for some reason I have not been able to fathom. Perhaps it is the fabled 'bitchslap' that Taco used to apply to people with whom he disagreed. Perhaps it is a bug in slashcode. Who knows? I refuse to give up this account as it has such a low UID that it gives me credibility amongst all the non tech-savvy newcomers who have flooded slashdot in recent years.

When you see a six figure UID like mine, (particularly one which is less than 200000) you immediately think "Wow, this guy has been around for a long time, better pay close attention to his nuggets of wisdom", rather than when you see some schmuck with a 7 or even 8 figure UID you just think "n00b".

Anyway I will not stop spreading my knowledge to the masses, even if Taco does want to gag me. I REFUSE to be gagged.

Comment Impressive but the market does not demand it. (Score 0) 42

I'm sure this is very innovative, and shrinking things down to this scale is an amazing technological feat, but speaking as someone who has a masters degree in Marketing Science, I have to wonder, did these guys do any market research AT ALL?

Form factors of all devices have stagnated over the last few years, there's a limit to how small your cellphone can be for example (see: Zoolander). And in these recession-hit times there are few people who can afford to shell out for the latest and greatest, just for the sake of it. So whilst I wish these guys well, I hope next time they do some market research BEFORE wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on a product nobody asked for.

Comment But can we trust Woz's judgement? (Score -1) 549

After all, here is a guy (who insists on using a juvenile nickname) who had the wool pulled over his eyes by perhaps one of the most successful psychopaths of this and the last century: Steve Jobs. Do you really think this guy is qualified? The analogy would be asking RMS for hygiene tips, or ESR for advice on your sex life.

I would be inclined to take everything this 'Woz' says with a bucket of salt.

Comment It's incredible to me (Score -1, Troll) 322

That despite gun ownership being enshrined in the US constitution, that leftists and atieists of all stripes are still hell bend on depriving ordinary people of their right to self defense.

They will be laughing on the other sides of their faces when Obama's storm troopers round them up and ship them to a FEMA camp.

Comment Cruelty to animals plain and simple (Score -1, Insightful) 62

So it starts with cockroaches, and nobody kicks up too much of a fuss, after all its "only" a cockroach.
This is about Americans demonstrating an utter disregard for God's creations. If you think this sort of thing is "cool" you are a sick, warped individual. This can be compared to the kind of experiments the Nazis did during WW2. This should be stopped NOW.

Comment Re:It is all software, really (Score -1) 509

Sony seem to be throwing away all their principles in a pathetic attempt to seem 'cooler' than Microsoft.

Speaking as the holder of a masters degree in Marketing Science from a well known institution, I can only assume that they have recruited a whole fresh bunch of newbies to their marketing department. Or they have replaced them with MBAs. (Note to corporations: hiring MBAs is NO SUBSTITUTE for having QUALIFIED MARKETING SCIENTISTS on your payroll) Have they learned nothing from Apple? A walled garden approach with EXTREME DRM is the only way to compete in the modern gaming world. You can argue till you're blue in the face that 'information wants to be free' but if programmers are to have any chance of feeding their familes, strong DRM is the only solution.

I predict Sony will backtrack heavily in the coming weeks/months, and Microsoft (as usual) will laughing all the way to the bank.

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