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Submission + - Activision backs Anti-Piracy Bill COICA (

Dues writes: Gamasutra has an article published about Activision recently hopping on board the support train for the "Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act".

This bill would give courts the power to "issue a "temporary restraining order, a preliminary injunction, or an injunction against the domain name" of a rogue site to stop allegedly infringing activity." The MPAA and RIAA have also voiced their support for this bill (that was likely primarily written by them)

Comment Re:The Economist's opinion (Score 1) 691

"had government done a better job of regulating the oil industry in the first place, BP's shoddy practices might not have gone unchecked and this disaster might never have happened."

And had the girl not worn slutty clothes to the bar, maybe she wouldn't have gotten raped.
Blaming the victim is NOT the right answer.

Comment Re:Aged badly (Score 3, Informative) 298

I think it's funny how you mentioned "Friends" and the US version of "Red Dwarf" in the same post. That "super jock" you mentioned was actually offered the roll of Joey on friends, but he turned it down and took the gig as Lister instead because he didn't think friends had any chance of success...

Comment From the other side of the fence (Score 2, Informative) 680

As someone who works for a web company that is full of high-demand listing information, we are constantly having to deal with this kind of activity. Any site with dynamic data that is in demand will already have a procedure to deal with the kind of activity you are driving to it, as they have almost certainly dealt with it before. In our case, we have a network appliance that can detect if you are a scraper based on your traffic, and then serve you a "you've been throttled" page. In short, your script will be an exercise in futility. Here is a better solution for your company - contact the source of the data, and offer to purchase a feed from them. Chances our they will be willing to comply to keep you from loading their website with stupid traffic. You will end up having to pay money, but at least your process won't break. You should suggest this to your boss at least. A side note: your peers will definitely frown on your actions. If I knew a person behind this kind of activity they'd get branded scarlet-letter-style.
XBox (Games)

Submission + - Microsoft Not Refunding Points When XBOX360 Dies ( 4

DonnarsHmr writes: "After spending 26 hours, 55 minutes on the phone with 800-4MY-XBOX and 33 hours, 55 minutes trying the various fixes suggested by customer service, being hung up on multiple times by a CSR, and having a note attached to his file instructing CSRs to blow him off without resolving the issue, Speaker Ender finds out Microsoft will not be transferring his 25,600 ($319.87 worth) XBOX Live points to his new XBOX after his old one died. In fact, Microsoft will not be doing any refunds of transfers when an XBOX dies and has to be replaced.

$320 of paid for content? Stolen by Microsoft."

Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - New World of Warcraft Quest Database (

pacman420 writes: "A new World of Warcraft quest database has been launched, allowing users to view the popular tloc/cosmos coordinates on a prettified Zone map. The site gets the edge up on others by not forcing users to troll through a bunch of comments to find the objective data they're looking for. This refreshing addition to the repertoire of WoW online game guides shows that new 3rd party WoW development is as strong as ever, and this time, you dont have to fumble around with an addon to get it working!"
The Courts

Jack Thompson Sets His Sights On Halo 3 240

GamePolitics is reporting that anti-game advocate Jack Thompson is seeking to have Halo 3 declared a nuisance to the public in Florida. He tried the same stunt with Bully, and failed then too. "As with Bully, Thompson clearly hopes the court will grant him a hearing. Although after last year's well-publicized Bully performance, which earned Thompson a Bar complaint from presiding Judge Ronald Friedman, that seems unlikely. More troubling by far are the long term implications of this action. Thompson apparently feels emboldened to invoke Florida's public nuisance law against any video game he desires to target. That is the essence of censorship and the video game industry cannot allow it to continue on any number of grounds - legal, moral or creative."

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