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Comment Why Off by Default? (Score 1) 147

I may be about to open up a shit storm upon myself but this needs to be said. I'll hold my hands up and say I am an internet marketer (aka SEO & the rest to those who have heard of it) and I know the majority of people hate advertisements especially here on my much loved /. but it's kind of needed unless folk would like a pay wall on every website? In regards to tracking this is useful to create more relevant ads (usually), it's not perfect I'd admit but unless you want to let us marketeers to read your thoughts that's the only way it'd be truly relevant. However if you think marketing is annoying at the moment imagine what it'd be like if we couldn't track anyone to supply the current type of advertisement. We'd have to resort to TV style adverts or pay walls on every website. So tell me do you prefer the current adverts on Slashdot or would you prefer a 3 minute video every time you came here? If marketeers can't target specific people in specific(ish) ways we'd have to resort to the broader style of marketing and I would hate the web if it became like that.

Comment Attention Australians! (Score 3, Informative) 134

Make friends with people around the world to get around this, simply get them to buy you L4D2 as a gift through Steam and because your buddy bought it in a 'unmodded' country, you'll get all the gore! BTW - this does work, a friend buys a German guy all his stuff so he has the gore and then PayPal's him back the cash

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