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Comment Re:A (Path) Finder with a "Refresh" button. (Score 2, Interesting) 249

Dear God, not like that. I have a 1024x768 display and I don't want to devote all of it to a file browser. The last time I used an environment like that it was called DOSSHELL.EXE.

I just want to hit CMD+R and see a Finder window refresh. Windows has supported a "refresh" shortcut in Windows Explorer (F5) for many years. I don't expect to install a gigantic piece of $35 shareware to get such a simple feature, but that seems to be the norm on Mac OS X these days.
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Journal Journal: Blog Blog Blog 2

Blog blog blog. Blog blog blog blog blog, blog blogger blog blog. Blogosphere blog! Blog blogging blog blog blog. Moblogging? Blog blogging? Blogger. Podcast.


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Journal Journal: Why I Shouldn't Drink Espresso

This morning I had a "Shot in the Dark," or a cup of coffee with a shot of espresso mixed in. All that caffeine went to my head as I posted an inflammatory comment in an IE7 article and responded to many of the repetitive responses I received.

Sorry for the flame-inducing post. That'll teach me to overcaffeinate myself in the morning.

Comment For some tasks, they work better (Score 1) 427

If you look here, you will notice that our friends at Microsoft have developed a high level decompiler for .Net IL. Basically, it decompiles the IL into an abstract, non binary, human readable form.

The tool for manipulating this new IL (ILX) is F#, an ML family functional language. This is because ILX fits more naturally with a functional language than it would with, say, C# or C++.

C# and the like can still be used, but if you look at the ILX and compare it to F#, the reason for using a functionl language should be obvious.

I don't know if you can do this with Java or not, but if there were such a decompliler, the output would be much easier to work with as in ML than with Java itself.

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