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Comment Re:Always look on the bright side of life (Score 3, Insightful) 739

Wouldn't have happened if that hacker hadn't cracked the security core through linux. You can go ahead and tell yourself that Sony is being all demonically evil here, but the truth is they are acting in response to a legitimate piracy threat. If that threat didn't exist, then there would be no reason for Sony to waste the time and effort to remove an existing function from a product.

You can blame Sony if you want. I'm gonna blame the root cause of the problem.

Comment Re:Because (Score 1) 303

Pretty much this. People look at phone games differently than other games. They are time wasters. Something to do while standing in line at McDonald's or before a movie starts. No one takes them all that seriously, and people who do tend to find another outlet for that with a real handheld gaming device. It's as simple as that.

Comment The rude comment isn't an isolated event (Score 0, Troll) 549

I remember back when I was trying to make the full switch to linux, and I updated my kernel and drivers and to my surprise my video card had decent drivers out of the box. I went onto the local irc channel to ask if anyone knew anything about it out of curiosity. I think my question was worded something like, "Yea I was impressed, I didn't have to jump through the usual hoops to get my video card working fully this time. It was as easy as when I install Windows." I suddenly found myself being berated by both the chatters and the IRC mod at the time. The one comment that sticks out in my mind was, "You deserve to use Windows." All I was doing was asking a simple damn question, in praise of my latest linux install working out of the box! I can't help but think that this same bigoted mindset helped to doom this fairly admirable project, because after attempting to deal with people such as this, it's not even a stretch for me to imagine some linux flavor's project manager going, "Why would we want to impliment a universal standard with Windows? Micro$oft should just do what we do. Windows is a crappy operating system anyway and if you are trying to enable it's use then you deserve it too."

Comment Re:They say this every time... (Score 1) 433

Actually, a quick glance through the article itself has raised a few flags personally. For example the security company chides microsoft's pricing of the new OS, calling it an unnecessary expense right now.

It seems innocuous, but I start to wave a big red flag as soon as a security adviser starts tacking on extraneous bits of subjective information to what should be an objective report.

Besides, who the hell is Rescuecom, and why are they receiving calls about windows 7 beta users?

Comment Re:Open it, and make it a phone (Score 1) 216

1.) I never stated that the Skype on the DSi would have an impact on the iPhone.

2.) As far as the success of gaming on the iPhone, last I heard it's quickly become a haven of shovelware.

Yes the iPhone is a powerful all-in-one portable device. Yes I can see the benefits of that. No I don't think that makes it the golden bullet portable gaming revolution that the Wall Street Journal would like to think it is, because the fact remains that the people in the gaming industry who get paid to make the type of games that actually turn significant profits don't see it that way. I'm sorry, they don't! Want proof? Name three game development companies that make iPhone versions of their main franchises in-house. Off the top of my head, I can only think of two; ID Software who last I heard had plans for Quake on the iPhone, and Pop-Cap Games, who only make the snack-size time wasters that thrive on the iPhone anyway. Damn near every other game developer licenses out their properties to a third-party, who in turn tend to make lackluster mobile versions of these franchises that are quickly forgotten in a week. Does that mean that the iPhone can never compete in the handheld market? No, it doesn't. Does that mean that cell phones can never join in the handheld market? No, it doesn't. It does mean however that they aren't anywhere close to being actually competitive.

You want the gaming community to take the iPhone seriously, you are going to need to show a game that's more worthwhile than the 5 minutes you fiddle with Lemonade Tycoon at the bus stop. The iPhone NEEDS a game with the same type of impact and gameplay quality as something like Mario Kart, Final Fantasy Tactics, Sonic the Hedgehog, so on and so on. iPhone games are still in the Peggle era right now. You want to compete with the handheld gaming industry, as opposed to the shovelware festival that is the iPhone app store, then you need to be holding yourself to the same standards as Nintendo, Sony, and those developers who make the grade A titles that define the experiences for the DS and the PSP.

Simply having a ton of snack-size freeware games doesn't cut it.

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