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Comment Re:LOL ... whatever ... (Score 1) 188

Yeah, I went to their homepage to see what the app is and this is their first paragraph,

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and yes, those phones can all message each other! Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that you use for email and web browsing, there is no cost to message and stay in touch with your friends.

Maybe this is still relevant internationally but here in the US we are no longer charged for SMS and are actually charged for our data. This app makes no sense to use for anyone I know. I guess that makes their decision to drop older OS support even more asinine because the people on those older phones are the ones most likely to still being charged per SMS maybe?

I certainly don't care.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 197

Yeah, I love all of this revisionist history about how great XP was. It was the exact same as Vista at release. Lots of driver and RAM problems. It required 64MB but wasn't really usuable with that. It was usable with 128MB but didn't really run well unless you had 256MB or more. Just like Vista required 1GB, usable with 2GB, and ran pretty well with 4GB. This is all assuming you had mature working drivers. Once SP2 came out for XP and Vista (Win 7 is essentially Vista SP2) memory sizes were up to where they needed to be and the drivers were plentiful and mature.

Comment Re:Doom by boredom (Score 1) 170

The game used to have 5-man dungeons that were challenging and fun to me and 4 other people using voice coms. Dungeons actually required awareness, tactics, and co-ordination. Getting extra pulls meant certain death in most cases. Failing to keep a particular mob sheeped could lead to death in many cases.

These days you're magically teleported to a dungeon with the 4 other people whom you've never met and will never meet again and no one says a word to each other. So without any communication the Tank then proceeds to go pull 3+ groups at a time. The dungeon then gets finished in 15 minutes without anyone saying a word and with 2 AFK DPS and healer that keeps DCing.

How anyone thinks the game isn't easier or that we're making this shit up because of "nostalgia" is mind-boggling.

Comment Re:Any idea what's the motivation to remove START? (Score 1) 516

No, it's not that bad because 95% of the programs I use all pin nicely to the taskbar. The 5% of obscure stuff I only run once every blue moon is easily invoked from either Win+R, Start->Search, or Start->click one extra button to see a full screen version of the same damn start menu from Win95.

If the new "Start Screen" or whatever it's called really impacts your productivity that much then you're over-reliant on it. I don't ever really even see the damn thing unless I want to check the info on the Weather app tile.

Comment Re:Been a long time since I cared (Score 2) 181

I had an AMD486 80Mhz. It was cheaper than an i486 66Mhz and performed great. The Pentium had just come out at the time but was super expensive. I was able to find late model 486 board with PCI slots though and with the awesome value of the AMD chip was able to have a nice "budget" system for the time. It was even able to run Quake playably(a game which "required" the Pentium and it's baller FPU).

Comment Re:Why I complained about the message to OKCupid (Score 1) 1482

So a browser the is perfectly secure and fast is OK to use even if someone is killed every time a click is made?

Uhhh... no. That would be an actual technological reason reason instead of a political reason. You're implying that every time I click a button in Firefox that it takes away a gay person's rights. Firefox is a web browser and an open source one at that. If you can look into the source and point out actual code that performs amoral behavior then get back to me.

The fact that you think empowering people to take rights away is ok is a different matter. I wonder if that's i you OKCupid profile?

Huh? I think what? You need to look up the word "fact". I'm pretty sure this guy doesn't have the power to take anyone's rights away. If he does, I certainly didn't "empower" him to do so. I said I don't agree with the guy's politics. I'm pretty sure I don't agree with the politics of most of the CEOs of the companies that make shit that I use. I'm guessing you probably don't agree with the politics of most CEOs either. How about you vet every political contribution from every CEO of every company you use products from and then stop using any products or services provided by the companies whose CEOs have a opinion you disagree with? I hope you enjoy crafting stone tools with your hands.

Comment Why I complained about the message to OKCupid (Score 1) 1482

I received this message when I went to the site last night. I immediately went to the "Contact" section to complain. The jist of the complaint said that while OKCupid and I may not agree with Mr. Eich's political views that it is an even more dangerous problem in government and society to let politics interfere with what is a technological decision(browser choice). I'm not saying Firefox is the best browser for everyone but it's the best browser for me. To be advocating against a particular technology based on purely political motives is a much more dangerous precedent than this simple civil contract matter which will probably be resolved nationally within the next 5 years. Let's encourage individuals, organizations, and governments to make more technological decisions based on merit instead of politics.

Comment Re:Troi (Score 2, Interesting) 512

Some of the Crusher episodes were good though like the one involving the solar shielding tech(which showed up in a later episode) and the one where everyone on the Enterprise keep disappearing. I'm assuming the awful one you refer to is the one from season 7 where she gets space raped by a ghost candle. The lesson here is that stories about women can be good when the writers give them stuff to do besides being space raped.

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