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Comment Geek heaven (Score 1) 4

Bletchley Park is one of the main sites of computer history. The site now contains not just a lot of fascinating historical artifacts (many relating to Alan Turing), it is also the home of The National Museum of Computing, containing a wide variety of home and business computer systems, and a rebuild of the original Colossus computer that helped to crack German codes during World War 2. I urge every geek to support this trek, and raise money to help Bletchley Park!

Submission + - Bletchley Park Hut Threat Triggers Everest Trek ( 4

Blacklaw writes: Information management consultant and ACCU member Astrid Byro has taken on a challenge that takes her well out of her comfort zone: an expedition to Everest's base camp to help save a piece of history at the UK's Bletchley Park. The campaign sees Byro looking for sponsorship for a trek that will take her above 5,360M over a period of about two weeks, risking ice, crevasses, avalanches, and a landing at what has been called the world's most dangerous airport at Lukla. The payoff: to have helped save Hut 6, a historical building in dire need of repair before it is lost to the world.

Comment Re:Icarus? (Score 2) 265

This is the inspiration for the name, from a book by Arthur Eddington: "In ancient days two aviators procured to themselves wings. Daedalus flew safely through the middle air and was duly honoured on his landing. Icarus soared upwards to the sun till the wax melted which bound his wings and his flight ended in fiasco. In weighing their achievements, there is something to be said for Icarus. The classical authorities tell us that he was only “doing a stunt”, but I prefer to think of him as the man who brought to light a serious constructional defect in the flying-machines of his day. So, too, in Science. Cautious Daedalus will apply his theories where he feels confident they will safely go; but by his excess of caution their hidden weaknesses remain undiscovered. Icarus will strain his theories to the breaking-point till the weak joints gape. For the mere adventure? Perhaps partly; this is human nature. But if he is destined not yet to reach the sun and solve finally the riddle of its constitution, we may at least hope to learn from his journey some hints to build a better machine."

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