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Comment MSE + MBAM (Score -1) 515

I personally would use MSE for antivirus and Windows Firewall I prefer to keep things simple and this updates regularly on it's own and doesn't require you to stop and instal the program again when there is a new version or something along those lines. So your not going to be out of date, which is usually the biggest problem I see with people with antivirus programs, heck I will own up I use to do that sometimes because quite frankly I was too busy with school work to bother taking the few minutes to do that in the past. Than you use Malwabytes Anti Malware (MBAM) to block the IPs of known bad websites and the exact way the real time protection works is made to work well with antiviruses like MBAM so it will go nicely with MSE, and it is something like $20-30 for a lifetime lisence which you can transfer from one computer to another after you take one or two steps to do so. Though the things I mentioned only work on the Pro or paid version the free version is just the scanner. Also just a heads up when your computer slows down which most people contribute to "age" and "viruses, malware" it usually is actually from the computer auto booting too many programs and eating up resources. Quick way to fix it is to go into MSCONFIG under "Startup" and unselect the programs you don't want to start up when the computer boots up just double check things if you don't recognize it as it may be a driver or something important you need which may make a program crash.

Comment Re:what happened to parenting? (Score -1) 322

I hate to say it but those internet blocking software are quite easy to get around. I found out how to get past those things before I had/knew how to access an email account, in the days before I had an internet connection or felt safe using a computer. I learned how to do that when I right when I entered junior high, I never had to use that knowledge myself but I sure did tell other people how to get around it. It was simple stuff to, like using google image search since some bad blockers allowed use of it to find porn. If that didn't work we instructed people to search for it in a forigne language, go to not so popular websites such as geocities or where people start their first websites, sign up for it on email, etc. And keep in mind I learned this before I even knew how to use email or use the internet, people had to walk me through it step by step when we used it in class back than. (and chances are if you reading slashdot your either old enough for this kind of stuff or already know better ways around this kind of software, so I don't feel bad posting this) So the best bet not to relay on software to teach your kids, and to just talk to them. And chances are if they want this stuff they can find it no matter what you do. After all nothing is really stopping them from buying the stuff at an Adult store, except the oddball cashier who may actually care their underage.

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