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Submission + - StarCraft 2 Beta Launching This Month ( 1

Elokane writes: After an endless stream of rumors, two broken promises about the beta and the game's release date, and almost three years since it was unveiled, the StarCraft 2 beta has finally been announced — officially.
During the much-anticipated conference call, broadcast live over the net to the eagerly awaiting public, Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's president, put up a slide confirming the beta being launched this month, followed by an estimated mid-2010 release date.


Submission + - Google May Be Sued By Quintura Over Wonder Wheel (

An anonymous reader writes: The visual search engine Quintura may be filing a lawsuit against Google over Google’s Wonder Wheel “visual search engine interface.” Quintura holds 8 patents on the technology and Google may be infringing the company’s patents.

Submission + - Bejeweled Blitz and the Disappearing Web Games (

An anonymous reader writes: Gaming Target has posted a look at the how digital games are slipping through the cracks of history with a focus on the new version of Bejeweled Blitz.

"PopCap launched the latest update to their Facebook sensation, Bejeweled Blitz, a few weeks ago. But what happens to the old version and what are gamemakers doing about preserving digital games?"

The Media

Wikipedia Bans Church of Scientology 665

El Reg writes "Showing a new-found resolve to crack down on self-serving edits, Wikipedia has banned contributions from all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology. According to Wikipedia administrators, this marks the first time such a high-profile organization has been banished for allegedly pushing its own agenda on the 'free encyclopedia anyone can edit.'"

Comment Re:Fun with acronyms. (Score 2, Informative) 426

And killed the total of, what, 60 people?

That's a bit of a misleading statistic. Although 59 people died directly from overexposure to radiation and thyroid cancer, many more, infact an estimated 4000 more will or have died as a result of the accident.


Submission + - Chernobyl Mushrooms Feeding on Radiation

cowtamer writes: According to a National Geographic Article certain fungi can use ionizing radiation to perform "radiosynthesis" using the pigment melanin (the same one in our skin that protects us from UV radiation). It is speculated that this might be useful on long space voyages where energy from the Sun is not readily available.

Submission + - OpenBSD 4.0 Is Released

Herbster writes: "OpenBSD 4.0 is out today, containing many new features including new platforms, support for even more hardware devices including GigE and wireless adapters, new tools and new functionality. As ever, OpenBSD's main focus is on security, correctness of code, and increasingly on free drivers for all hardware. You can download OpenBSD from or one of the many mirrors listed on the main website. Torrents are not available for security reasons...
Input Devices

Submission + - Razer's Take on the Keyboard

An anonymous reader writes: Despite being very success with their mice, the Tarantula is Razer's first try at a keyboard. This product something to keep an eye on if you don't think a standard keyboard offers all the gaming features you would like. Cool features include a modular docking system for accessories, anti-ghosting so you can press multiple keys at once, on-board memory to store profiles, 10 macros keys, swappable keys, blue LED lighting, and drivers that can set up to 100 profiles and can reprogram every key. The keyboard is especially interesting when compared to its prime competition, Logitech's G15 which has a built in LCD!

Submission + - Microsoft to Open up Windows CE Kernel Source?

An anonymous reader writes: In what would be its most substantial nod to the open-source movement, Microsoft is rumored to be opening up Windows CE 6.0's entire kernel as shared source, WindowsForDevices reports. If the rumor is correct, the announcement is likely to occur during an 8:00 AM PST keynote talk by Craig Mundie, which kicks off the Windows CE 6.0 launch event on Wednesday, November 1st. The sixth generation of Microsoft's embedded OS boasts a redesigned kernel that expands the number of simultaneous processes from 32 to 32,000, while enlarging the virtual memory that is addressable by each process from 64MB to 2GB, among other already announced enhancements. Combined with this, the addition of shared source access to the entire kernel might make Windows CE much more competitive with Linux in many embedded system and device apps.

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