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Comment Monty Python's Useage of the word, 'fuck' (Score 0) 1090

So, I decided it would be neat to find all instances of 'fuck' in the source... and here, for your reading pleasure...

// see if this file is loaded by kernel, thus something we don't
// want to fuck with.

// BUGBUG (reinerf)
// the fucking alpha cpp compiler seems to fuck up the goddam type "LPITEMIDLIST", so to work
// around the fucking peice of shit compiler we pass the last param as an void *instead of a LPITEMIDLIST

// HighContrast mode is turned on. This totally fucks our style sheet as most of it will
// get ignored. The best we can do is to resize our window so the gigantic fonts will
// show correctly.

* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!DOING SO FUCKS THE BUILD PROCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

// !!!this is fucked if a map goes to multiple physical devices
// we return the *last* dResult, this is
// totally random for some messages (like MODM_GETVOLUME).

// The user fucked up

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