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Comment Re:Every 2 seconds? (Score 1) 79

The laser runs at 50Hz, and since there are about 100 "pixels" to fill the 4in wide material, the refresh rate for the whole image is about 0.5fps. So the speed is limited by the laser and would increase with material size. Certainly gaming and videos require at least 30 fps, but many applications do not, like visualization of medical images.

Comment Re:Movies that literally surround the viewer? (Score 1) 79

It is not a "real" hologram because there is not a "real" object on the table. It is a holographic stereogram, like a magic eye, but with many perspectives of the object encoded rather than just the two. The different pixels of the display are what is transmitted, and then the lasers used to write the material. Look up integral imaging, or there a number of good books on these principles, like "Holographic Imaging" by Benton.

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