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Comment Gamefly needs to boycott these games (Score 1) 325

As a 6 year member of Gamefly, I haven't bought a new game during that time span. I really enjoy the freedom of beating the game and tossing it aside without having to be an achievement whore to get my money's worth. Once it gets too bad Gamefly should just stop supporting these games altogether. Who would want to rent a game where you need to pay 15$ to play the best parts? Gamefly needs to make its buying power known to the major companies. I would imagine on a major release title they buy about 5-10k copies, I would say that should have some sway.

But looking long term this is a win win for Major Publishers. If the used community is low or nonexistent, that means the game loses its online replay-ability very rapidly. So gamers are stuck to play a game with a poor user community, or buy the next new shiny best game ever. The big publishers have no reason to change the course unless something major happens.

There is no easy solution, just try to support these publishers as little as possible.

Comment Re:What should Sony have done? (Score 1) 508

A proper analogy would be buying a gun, leaving it in a public area.

I thought a proper analogy would be telling others how to do something. They aren't (as far as I'm aware) distributing hacked PS3s, but telling others how to hack them or use their hacks.

I bet if you put instructions on how to build a nuke on a website, you would be visited by some nice people in suits. Information can be distributed with malicious intent and even gross negligence.

So for every one of you that says I want to run legal home brews, there are 100s of people who want the ability to play hacked games.

Yes, so ban anything that could potentially be abused because the ones in power don't want that to happen. Which is, essentially, everything.

Sony does not want to play ball with you, so you have 3 options, don't play ball with them, abide by their rules, or steal their copy their ball. If you ask me one of those options don't really sound ethical. There are plenty of open source options if you want to deal with open source code.

I'm one of those weirdos who think people should be paid for the art they produce.

So am I (provided they have the money in the first place), but pretending that the file sharer stole money that the artist never had in the first place is absurd.

This is an inherently flawed argument. If you do not have money to buy something, you should not steal it. If I do not have enough money for something, I GO OUT AND EARN IT. See maybe that would DRIVE people to excel, maybe that would drive people to create something new. Unethical entitlement is a terrible way to get things.*
*The following exceptions are food, clean water, and shelter, anything above and beyond that you are on your own.

Comment What should Sony have done? (Score 2) 508

So, the response is as expected: "This lawsuit is stupid", "Sony caused this to themselves", "They are an evil megacorp and should be hated"
What is Sony supposed to do?
Congratulate him? Send him a cake? Thank him for unlocking to true potential of their property? Obviously those ideas do not make money, which if memory serves, is the point of businesses. Suing seems very logical in my opinion, if you owned a company you would want to protect your interests too.

Geohot did nothing wrong, all he did was alter HIS hardware. This fact in my opinion should be and I believe is legal. The problem is that he shared it with the world. A proper analogy would be buying a gun, leaving it in a public area. Later that day someone is killed with the misplaced gun. Is the person that bought the gun liable? Yes, that is called gross negligence. While he may be against piracy he has enabled the world to do as such. If he was sued for each individual instance that his code was found on an offending system then so be it, he didn't commit the crime but he enabled it.

I'm tired of people expecting the ability to play hacked games is a right, its not. So for every one of you that says I want to run legal home brews, there are 100s of people who want the ability to play hacked games. I'm one of those weirdos who think people should be paid for the art they produce.

Finally, you all have the ability to never buy another Sony product ever again, and that is the most powerful weapon you have, because a corporation cannot survive without people purchasing their goods.

Comment Should Assange release all of his private emails? (Score 1) 696

Generally I think the Wikileaks is fine, transparency is a necessity in order to run a trustworthy and strong government. But, the general argument for those pro the cause is that, those in power need to be shown to act in good faith without the betrayal of our trust. So the premise of Wikileaks is born, those in power should be 100% transparent in their words and deeds. Well, that is quite interesting now, because indeed Wikileaks now has a fair amount of power, Assange still has a fair amount of pull (even in the midst of this legal battle). So why can't he be transparent with his and wikileaks power. How do we know with 100% certainty, that Assange himself or Wikileaks isn't being dishonest and deceitful? Is it not a bit hypocritical to judge others by a measuring stick you do not hold yourself too?
Finally, isn't is ironic that the group that is most aggressive in the fight for transparency is named Anonymous?

Comment Re: (Score 4, Insightful) 311

As an engineer, I would honestly rather upper management to be as far away as possible, that's how the real work gets done. Show me an engineer that wants a CEO breathing down their neck and I'll show you an average engineer that wants to brown nose with management. Also what is a CEO supposed to do? What in his background would leave you to believe that other than signing 20 BILLION dollars into escrow for repairs/claims that he would be more effective at the scene? I'm not a fan of big business, but people are just looking for a reason to crucify him. I don't go to BP, that's what I do to show my disapproval.

Apple Reverses iPad "No Cash Purchase" Policy 377

ZipK writes "After a few days of bad publicity, Apple has reversed its no cash purchase policy, explaining that the policy was originally implemented to limit the number of iPads an individual could buy during the introductory period of short supply. Now that supply has caught up with demand — and the story has hit front pages and gained national attention — Apple has reversed its policy, and taken the opportunity to put a bow on the story by giving the formerly scorned Diane Campbell a free iPad."

Comment Poor way to run a business (Score 1) 183

So let me get this straight, a struggling company, on the verge of being bankrupt is asking a huge customer, to evaluate the cost model of using other delivery methods other than themselves? Don't you think that a failing company would be bending over backwards to ensure high value clients have their high value parcels protected? Seems like these kind of letters and responses to big clients are the reasons why the USPS is failing.

Comment Re:Not So Good for the Economy (Score 1) 224

"Offshore sites will not be immune from the crackdown: almost all of them depend on banner ads served by US-based services, and the DMCA requires the ad service to act against any violator. "

Not sure this is such a great idea - when you're broke you don't starve off the little income you're still getting... I'm inclined to think that in the near future, things will more likely go in the opposite direction, grey-legal stuff will be fully legalized to provide some as much extra economic stimulus as possible.

I for one hope the economy isn't based off of people scraping legitimate websites to make money for themselves. How about the people who are barely getting by because of "gray area" websites, get off their lazy butts and do their own legitimate work instead of stealing others.

Theft of another's work should not be rewarded, quite the opposite.

What Attributor are doing is not even evil, they are not looking for past damages, just protecting their future interests.

Comment # of Downloads (Score 1) 121

Even Better solution than checking binaries, is have performance dictate your existence. If you dont have 50 or 100 in the first 1-3 months of existence, you have been deemed unworthy by the unwashed masses and your App name goes back into the pool. There should be no guarantee that your piece of crap app will forever own the name iAmAwesome just because you were the first to get it. You as the developer lose nothing but the name. Let's stop rewarding quickness and start rewarding quality. Squatters die and good Apps live, its the Law of the Jungle at its finest!

Comment Re:Or more reasonable policies (Score 1) 881

If a student can pass a class without being in it, then that demonstrates that the kid has the potential to become a smarter individual. If a student is too smart for a class they should be pushed harder to expand their minds. People wonder why America has a lack of Engineers, Scientists, and generally smart people. Its because way too young in their educational career smart kids learn to coast through things. Instead of being challenged they are ignored by teachers to assist those who are falling behind. We need to challenge our brightest the hardest, because we need all the smart and hard working people we can get.

In college I went to a small state run school, the teachers in my major taught in 2 ways. They understood who the people that were there to learn and those who wanted to skate through school because they heard computer scientists made lots of money. Our professors pushed the people who were there for an education and allowed the others to do as they wish and pass with a C/D. I thank goodness every day that I was pushed, it has helped me succeed in my field. This is what good teachers do.

On a personal note, I live in Pittsburgh. It saddens me greatly to hear this. Why even teach, just let kids hang out while their parent are at work, then 8 years later ship them to high school, where they can do more nothing.

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