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Comment So does Google in their datacenter in Finland (Score 3, Informative) 78

In March 2009, Google purchased the Summa Mill from Finnish paper company Stora Enso and converted the 60 year old paper mill into a data center.
Here is a video about Googles sea water cooling system:

Comment Re:RAND (Score 1) 294

How I heard the story: When Apple announced the iphone, Nokia started negotiations with Apple and asked them to pay the same patent fee as everyone else in cell phone business. Apple did not want to pay. One year after the release of IPhone Apple still didn't agree to pay. As Nokia noticed some of Apples UI multi-touch patents were quite good, Nokia said ok, give us right to use your patents instead. Apple said no. Nokia sued Apple as they have been using Nokia patented technologies for years and haven't paid Nokia a dime. Now Apple is trying to twist story that Nokia is just after their patents. That is a lie. Nokia offered Apple same as everyone else from the start.

Submission + - Unlimited detail making 3D graphic cards obsolete? 1

Dtyst writes: Unlimited Detail is a new technology for making realtime 3D graphics. Unlimited Detail is different from existing 3D graphics systems because it can process unlimited point cloud data in real time, giving the highest level of geometry ever seen. This all without a 3D Card. How does it work? Unlimited Details method is very different to any 3D method that has been invented so far. The three current systems used in 3D graphics are Ray tracing polygons and point cloud/voxels, they all have strengths and weaknesses. Polygons runs fast but has poor geometry, Ray-trace and voxels have perfect geometry but run very slowly. Unlimited Detail is a fourth system, which is more like a search algorithm than a 3D engine. It is best explained like this: if you had a word document and you went to the “SEARCH” tool and typed in a word like “MONEY” the search tool quickly searches for every place that word appeared in the document. Google and Yahoo are also search engines that go looking for things very quickly. Unlimited Detail is basically a point cloud search algorithm. We can build enormous worlds with huge numbers of points, then compress them down to be very small. The Unlimited Detail engine works out which direction the camera is facing and then searches the data to find only the points it needs to put on the screen it doesn’t touch any unneeded points, all it wants is 1024*768 (if that is your resolution) points, one for each pixel of the screen. Make sure to check out the video demostrations on their site Here is also one on Youtube if site gets Slashdotted..

Comment Re:Worthless patents (Score 1) 374

> 2) Apple isn't trying to get favoured rates, they're trying to get the same rates as everyone else as dictated by RAND terms. Well why doesn't Apple join RAND then first? You have to be member to get RAND prices. Why should apple get the benefits without being a member?

Submission + - The worlds largest cruise ship is now complete

Dtyst writes: After nearly six years in the making, Royal Caribbean International took delivery today of its newest cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas, from STX Europe in Turku, Finland. Oasis of the Seas will be departing Turku on Friday, Oct. 30 with Captain William S. Wright at the helm. The Oasis of the Seas is 361 meters long and 66 meters wide at its widest point and, at the highest, it rises 72 meters above the sea level. The gross tonnage is 225,000. At the best, the vessel can accommodate 6,360 passengers and 2,100 crew members. The ship features 16 passenger decks and 2,704 staterooms. The total power output of the ship's engines is 97,000 kW and the cruise speed is 22.6 knots. The Oasis of the Seas will cruise in the Caribbean from its home port is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA.

Comment Re:ClamWin (Score 1) 359

I installed to a company of similar size F-Secure Anti-Virus Small Business Suite. The business suite is quite cheap for a full AV-solution and includes a Central Management Tool that is available also for Linux. So basically you can control/update the windows av-clients from the Linux server if you like. I have heard no complaints from the customer yet.

Comment Re:HOORAY! (Score 1) 347

Obviously millions of users agree with Slashdot. Can millions of downloaders be wrong? In the end the users are the ones doing it, NOT the torrent sites. And for your information, copyright infringement happened before torrents. Additionally in Finland (where I live) we have a private copying remuneration system, so I have already paid for my downloads:

Comment Re:Only matter of time? (Score 1) 347

Would the lawyer by doing this do this be incriminating himself in front of a judge!? Still Pirate bay did nothing but showed again where files are available. The lawyer would be the one downloading and sharing the file. And the peers would be the one distributing it. Also the defense could just demonstrate the same using Google.

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