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Comment Re:Fake science/sloppy science (Score 4, Interesting) 331

sometimes thats done purposefully so that you can get to the next paper before the other person. /p not a good system but I know plenty of researchers who put in enough to explain what they did, but not enough so you could reproduce it without a bit of effort/research yourself. /p definitely not the ideal, but people care about getting the next paper first so they can advance their career. publish or perish

Comment Not surprised....look where people start (Score 1) 314

the top 1% can afford to send their kids to good private child care, elementary school, high school. This funnels them into top schools. I'd be interested to see how many of the 60% who are at elite private schools come from high schools with >80% "1%'ers". Is it largely the very gifted few who can despite poor circumstances get slots at private schools through programs like prep-for-prep that are going on to these colleges. Dan-el Padilla (princeton prof) is a great example of this. Is he the exception or the rule (within the 60% group)

Submission + - Magic Leap CEO asks users to take leap of faith after damaging report (

drunkdrone writes: Magic Leap has gone on the defensive after a damaging report last week suggested that the secretive start-up had overhyped its technology in order to secure financial investment. Company CEO Rony Abovitz has said that Magic Leap is still in the early stages of testing its mixed-reality headset but suggested that a prototype resembling its target form-factor had been completed.

Abovitz posted an update on Magic Leap's website on 9 December suggesting that the company had developed a PEQ (Product Equivalent) build of the headset – thought to be different from the one seen by The Information – and suggested further development were in the works.

Submission + - Samsung buys Quantum Dot Company (

Dthief writes: Samsung looks to focus on QLED over OLED with purchase of Boston's QD Vision and expand their current QD market which is limited to cadmium free quantum dots due to Korean regulations.

Comment Re:This is years behind (Score 2) 92

MIT has a great PR machine. Dont get me wrong, they do the most amazing things. But they make sure everyone knows what they are working on all the time. This is in its infancy, but this PR will likely help get more funding and interest to help make it into a niche tool, and far down the line a commercial product.

Submission + - Scientists achieve perfect efficiency for water-splitting half-reaction (

Dthief writes: Splitting water is a two-step process, and in a new study, researchers have performed one of these steps (reduction) with 100% efficiency. The results shatter the previous record of 60% for hydrogen production with visible light, and emphasize that future research should focus on the other step (oxidation) in order to realize practical overall water splitting. The main application of splitting water into its components of oxygen and hydrogen is that the hydrogen can then be used to deliver energy to fuel cells for powering vehicles and electronic devices.

Comment Re:biased algorith (Score 1) 177

how about make the algorithm.......use it in a predictive manner after making it....THEN REPORT IT.....

what they have done here is taken a data set and made algorithms until one of them matched well. If I have a model that predicts traffic patterns or weather patterns in the past, its only useful if it is then applied after the fact and is still comparably accurate to when it was developed.

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