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Comment Is this over LAN or WAN links? (Score 0) 238

Unless this is over a WAN link, you are smoking way better dope than me if you think a crime is being committed here. If your clients are connecting to the internet through the hospital's lan and utilizing their infrastructure - they can do whatever they want on a network they administer. Solution: have your clients order their own circuit from a carrier and throw up their own routers/switches.

Comment typical worthless slashdot hyperbole (Score 1) 492

WOW IMAGINE THAT A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY HAS A COOL NEW IDEA AND DOES IT BETTER THAN ANYBODY ELSE DOES... SO LET'S DO IT WITH MOAR MONIES AND BETTAR!!! srsly ericjones12398, should five guys burgers and fries not exist because mc donalds does... and should mc donalds ignore how successful a smaller chain has become? they both serve the same markets with similar products... jack in the box, subway, burger king, taco bell, et. al - are they all 'ripping off' or 'failing to innovate' other ideas?

Comment Salesforce and SpringPad (Score 1) 314

I use Salesforce to keep track of anything business or work related, which has the additional benefit of being linked to Cases/Opportunities/Contacts/etc. When using hashtags it is easy to perform a general search and have everything come up that is relevant with a general search. For when I am on the go or for personal information, I use SpringPad - which is convenient as it syncs to the cloud so whether I am on my PC or Android phone I am working with the same notes/to do events.

Comment Some good has come of this (Score 2) 388

For example, right now on my computer I have absolutely no media, but can listen to anything I want on Spotify or YouTube. What I find interesting is that the recording industry is allowing Spotify's business model after over a decade of shunning online delivery of content. Perhaps this is the beginning of ad driven, affordable, and legal/legitimate access to media. Thoughts?

Comment Re:The first one is always free (Score 1) 240

Me, to the best of my ability: Wired Community Cooperative which I am organizing as a Washington non profit with the goal of delivering high speed internet at-cost to subscribers. What's stopping me from doing it? People being on board and providing input as to how I should do it.

I presently am working with the wireless isps in my area to deliver services at no cost to low income neighborhoods and low cost to people willing to become members. I am focusing on a donation model to pay for backhaul services to a point of presence on a per-community basis. Kind of like the big filesharing sites, if you want to become a member and donate, you get extra privileges and priority. I could use some thoughts as to how to best organize it if anyone is willing.

Comment It stands to reason (Score 1) 286

Of course /. is going to say 'it's not scientifically proven!' but plenty of things make absolute sense. I am an aspie, not self-diagnosed... hit every single one of the diagnosis criteria hard, and I couldn't be more proud of being HFA (Highly Functioning Autistic). So many people look at Aspergers or Autism as a very negative thing because it is different. There are NT (Neurotypical) and ND (Neurodiverse) people that do just fine functioning in society, or with each other in relationships. There also are those (you can call them Simon Baron-Cohen hits the nail on the head with Empathizing/Systemizing Theory of Mind, and this Assortative Mating is only the next logical step in explaining how Autism progresses from generation to generation. The science already proves that there are genetic precursors to Autism spectrum disorders, so it isn't really a stretch at all to say the parents aren't subconsciously on the spectrum and attracted to someone else who is. I am only really into girls on the spectrum who are hyper intelligent and 'nerdy' which in a lot of ways is all being an aspie is, socially awkward and overly intelligent. Believe it or not, most of /. userbase is somewhere on the spectrum, and many of the people who you associate with are as well. In my personal opinion, a good 70% of those I associate with and 10% of people I encounter display the traits, and the law of attraction be it romantic or otherwise means that like mixes with like. Almost all of my friends are aspies whether they know/admit/care or not, and of course people will just scream 'overdiagnosis' because statistically diagnoses have jumped. That is because we are only finally starting to scratch the surface of these 'disorders' and starting to realize that comorbid/cooccurring disorders correlate to causes. Psychology as a whole has only been around about a hundred years, so it is no surprise the field is rapidly developing quicker than the research can keep up.

Comment Re:Make them be very specific! (Score 1) 519

This is really bothering me that there are so many references to the Fourth Amendment and police/warrant in these responses.... civil == civil. The Bill of Rights protects one against the Government, not others. Civil != criminal. I "like" the post early on that /. is full of amateur lawyers who think they know whats up, but really have not a clue.

Comment Re:I assume... (Score 5, Interesting) 415

Typically the LEC can bill for intra-LATA charges however they see fit due to the kludge of complexity the original anti-trust left recovering charges from another carrier. Because these rules are so convoluted and don't even make sense to the carriers themselves they tend toward official policy being "we say so and get a subpoena if you don't like it." As a telecommunications agent and broker, much of my interactions with carriers is resolving billing disputes and bogus charges. I got $ 14,000 back for a client in one instance where I had to file a California Public Utilities Commission grievance and escalate to the top tier of AT&T consumer affairs department. Most consumers don't even realize they have recourse and that the carriers are terrified of regulating bodies... but knowing how to handle these things is why people like me make money.

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