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Comment The end is near (Score 3, Interesting) 54

The only reason there's so much venture capital is that interest rates are near zero and investors are willing to gamble on a better return. Once the Fed returns rates to historically normal levels, money for these dumbass startups will disappear. Same with insane real estate prices. A monthly payment on a million dollar mortgage at 3% interest is a bit over 4 grand, but at historically average rates of 8 to 10% that monthly payment will more than double.

Comment poetry (noun) (Score 1) 187

"literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm." This is not a poem, it is a collection of words assembled according to the algorithm. It may resemble a poem but it is definitely not an expression of feelings or ideas.
Virtual monkeys with typewriters reproduced the complete works of Shakespeare. Does that pass the Turing test?

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Real Programs don't use shared text. Otherwise, how can they use functions for scratch space after they are finished calling them?