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Comment Re:Didn't we have a spat about this once??? (Score 1) 1057

Let me just clear up the misconception on this (because I honestly wasn't trying to flame-bait).

I was just treating "cost of capital / deprecation" and "cost of labor" as interchangeable things and suggesting that maybe it's in fact cheaper for "the man" to just pay wages on labor and let the government/society worry about health-care, housing, welfare, etc.

This is apropos the conversation to me, because if you go read books like The Jungle you'll see that egregious stuff went on in the factories too... so in fact, the civil war didn't change much at all about the rights of workers. You can't be whipped any more...; but you can still treat people like crap, flood the ghettos with crack to fill the prisons, manipulate the cost of labor through myriad techniques and drive people into so much debt that "freedom" just becomes the freedom to starve if you don't like it.

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