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Submission + - SPAM: All in one! Asterisk PBX on a PCI card

voiptoday writes: Asterisk PBX on a PCI card with integrated telephony ports, hardware based echo cancellation, Ethernet interface and Compact Flash port.PCI card by Positron Telecom is a leap forward in the telecommunications card market. It is the first of its kind to offer the functionality of Asterisk PBX on a card with integrated telephony ports, hardware based echo cancellation and Ethernet interface.

By integrating the Linux, Asterisk, Echo Canceller, Ethernet (for PCI and LAN), Telephone ports (FXS) and Gateway functionality (FXO) we have created the first standalone solution that can be installed in any PC and by interfacing Ethernet to the PCI bus we have also made it an ANY Operating System solution – no special drivers required.

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Submission + - The Future of Internet Radio & Online Media (

An anonymous reader writes: Having featured over hundreds of independent and signed artists since its inception in 2008, The Movement Radio has been the only internet based radio station striving to provide a tactical alliance for all persons involved in the entertainment industry, including artists, producers, songwriters, lawyers, publicist, and such.
Created as a vision by Anthony Smith, an independent recording artist, songwriter and entrepreneur, he found that many independent artists faced a struggle in what is today a saturated market. As time passed, it became more of a struggle for an independent artist to reach his or her goals due to the lack of support from their local entertainment and media outlets. Smith’s purpose for the creation of Movement Radio was to provide a new avenue for independent artists to showcase their talents and network with other people involved in the music industry, which would create a base for artists to submit their music for internet radio play, promote their upcoming performances and ultimately sell their albums.
Since its launch, partnering with, what today host over 70,000 professional Internet radio talk shows, The Movement Radio has become one of the most successful independent internet talk shows dedicated to independent artists. The growth of The Movement Radio has rapidly reached listeners all over the world. The Movement Radio’s continued growth has proven to artists, record labels and local promoters that the change for the independent artists is soon to come.
The Movement Radio is now partnering with audio engineer and fellow entrepreneurs Nelson Diaz and Edwin Lavado. The website host a social network that provides independent artists to interact with other independent artists, as well as reach out and stay in the loop with their fans. Members have the ability to join forums and create group discussions. The company plans to take Internet radio to the next level of the viral market. The ultimate goal is to have everybody in the music industry release exclusive content to our station, covering not only music but fashion, art, design and local and national news.

Submission + - Twitter DNS hacked?

ylecoyote writes: It looks like someone has hacked the DNS as the primary A record for is pointing to

The lookup on that IP address shows the following:
IP address:
Host name:

Submission + - Flyer Arrested(?) After Declining to Show ID (

Sherri Davidoff writes: "Today a traveler going through the Albuquerque airport was detained and is reportedly in the process of arrest after politely refusing to show his ID. Phil Mocek, a Seattle area native, was traveling with his friend Jesse Gallagos when he politely declined to show ID to TSA agents."
The Courts

Papers Sealed In Class Action Against RIAA 215

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes "In Andersen v. Atlantic Recording, the Oregon class action brought by Tanya Anderson against the RIAA, MediaSentry, and others, the plaintiff's motion for class action certification has been sealed by the Court. Also, the Court conducted an 'in camera' conference with the defendants' attorneys — meaning the Judge met with the defendants' attorneys alone — in connection with a discovery motion, and the record of that conference has been sealed as well. The RIAA has made a motion to dismiss the class action; that has not been sealed. In case you're wondering what's going on here, so am I."

Submission + - T-Mobile Blocking Twitter? (

bblboy54 writes: "While there isn't any (published) official word from T-Mobile or from Twitter, it appears that T-Mobile has begun blocking users from sending SMS messages to the Twitter service. There are a few blog posts popping up regarding this including one over at Alternageek. I personally called T-Mobile last night and spoke with 3 different representatives before finally being told that "T-Mobile does not support third party message providers and while you were able to use the Twitter service previously, this was the result of a bug in their system which has now been corrected." When I specifically asked if I could expect to ever be able to use Twitter with T-Mobile again I was told that it wouldn't occur until Twitter made a contract with T-Mobile (the same mentality that ISPs are using to destroy net neutrality). This can be confirmed by asking anyone on T-Mobile to send an SMS to the Twitter short code (40404) and they will most likely receive a service is unavailable message which has been the result for the last 3 days."
The Courts

Submission + - Oregon AG Seeks to investigate RIAA tactics

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "Turning the tables on the RIAA's attempt to subpoena information from the University of Oregon about the identities of the university students, the Attorney General has now filed additional papers requesting permission from the Court to conduct immediate discovery into the RIAA's 'data mining' techniques, such as the use of unlicensed investigators, the turning over of subpoenaed information to collection agencies, the obtaining of personal information from computers. The AG pointed out (pdf) that "Because Plaintiffs routinely obtain ex parte discovery in their John Doe infringement suits.....their factual assertions supporting their good cause argument are never challenged by an adverse party and their investigative methods remain free of scrutiny. They often settle their cases quickly before defendants obtain legal representation and begin to conduct discovery...... and have dropped cases, such as their case against Tanya Andersen, in which their methods and practices have been challenged through counterclaims...... While the University is not a party to the case, Plaintiffs' subpoena affects the university's rights and obligations. Plaintiffs may be spying on students who use the University's computer system and may be accessing much more than IP addresses." As one commentator succinctly put it, "They'll be going bananas in RIAA land" after reading this filing."

Submission + - Universal blocks Trent Reznor's fan remix web site (

cLive ;-) writes: "Trent Reznor's recent departure from Universal was meant to leave all this crap behind but, even now, the suits are stopping him from helping to bring the music industry into the 21st century (eg, with new distribution models). Having previously fallen out with his record company by urging fans to steal his music when he thought his CDs were overpriced, now he's being "lawyered" over his upcoming fan remix web site. The main gist of the problem is that Universal are scared to host his remix site when fans could be submitting mashup tracks that would infringe on other artists' rights, as this would affect the industry's ongoing lawsuit against YouTube et al...

When will these dinosaur industries get it?"

The Internet

Submission + - Fripp miffed over EMI download tactics (

Snifter writes: "When it comes to getting royalties to its "artists" a liitle inefficiency helps record comanies save a fortune. As composer of the Vista's "ittle blipping noises" Robert Fripp writes: "It's a little too rich to punish punters for illegal downloads of EMI copyright material when EMI are themselves guilty of copyright violation." More on the STINQ, here."

Submission + - Why Can't I buy a cablecard ready set top box? ( 1

Al E Usse writes: "Ars Technica does a write up of the problems that haven't been solved by the July 1, 2007 integration ban on integrated security in your cable box. Three months after the ban went into effect, digging up a third-party, CableCARD-ready set-top box can be an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. The companies who make the boxes don't seem interested in selling to consumers, cable companies still push their own branded devices, and Best Buy employees... well, the less said the better. We've heard the pain of our readers on this issue. One of them described his own epic (and fruitless) quest to secure such a device. His conclusion? "Although I should be able to buy a set-top box of my own, nobody will sell me one. I am standing on the doorstep, wad of cash in hand, yelling, 'Please take my money! I want to buy!' but am turned away."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - RIAA Finally Gets Day in Court (

CrkHead writes: "After many years of avoiding a jury trial, Groklaw is reporting that they finally have to actually prove a case.

This is history in the making, in that this is the very first RIAA jury trial to actually go to trial in all the years since the RIAA began to sue people four or so years ago. I gather they tried to get out of this one too, but now it's set and it will happen.

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