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Comment Ignores the hardware (Score 1) 287

As an EE with more than a little experience in electronics in the transportation industry (Aerospace), there is a lot more to a platform than electronics. The hardware reliability is paramount and it takes years to learn what you need to know to extend the life of a car from 5 years to 10 and 15 years. I can't see the electronics platform content providers the poster is talking about acquiring that knowledge and learning how to do the processes needed to attain that level of reliability for decades, because that's what it took for those in that manufacturing space who primarly mission in business was to do so. The logo the poster is talking about are relatively hardware poor compared to those who make powered wheels. Windows took over because it made people more efficient by putting the power to make individual choices in their hands and providing a killer app, namely visicalc. (Which is why google glass died, it never had the killer app you couldn't live without). The primary mission of cars is to transport people and stuff over a distance .... and to provide young males with an image. So tell me how a content provider logo on the side of my mini van loaded with 6 Cheerleaders is going to let me do something I couldn't do before that I can't live without. Given each of those girls are texting each other in the car and out of the car and posting selfies to social media as I am driving down the road?

Comment Only 400 pounds (Score 1) 79

So 4 guys are going to carry this 400 pound shelter using d-links for handles? After about 4 or 5 shelters using small d-links, I am getting rather tired. Only 16 per flat bed? I'm still thinking tents are cheaper, and can deploy more rapidly. 100's per flat bed, lighter weight and cheaper. Listen you really want to deploy 1,000's of shelters to an area? Hire Walmart to handle it, they have the supply chain. Oh, so it comes with sensors and software to monitor when I'm in and not in? Sounds like mandatory lights out tracking.

Comment Re:Been there, done that (Score 5, Interesting) 117

The brain can only handle split imagery for 10 - 20 minutes then it starts to flip between eyes uncontrollably. The AH pilots handle this by turning the brightness up to the point where the non-hmd (Helmet Mounted Display) eye shuts down (pupil gets small). Of course they get wicked ass headaches. BUT if you go stereo then there a image alignment issues, the eye does not handle non-alignment images well, which would make the eyeglass mounting/holder not stiff enough or stable enough to mount a stereo display......ah all the issues come rushing back.......some day I should tell you about the display we designed for pit traders.... When I worked on the Space Suit HMD and the Army Helmet Mounted (Helmid) fighting the Sun was near impossible, causing us to raise the non-transmissiveness of the reflector (combiner) plate to 80 and 90% opaque. Making it rather difficult to see thought and causing me to use a non-see through combiner for the Army. There are a host of issues, all of them well studied, which is why although this tech is like 15 years old, (I know I built this type of device before) I doubt it will go anywhere, all the advanges and apps I heard years ago. But still some of the most fasinating stuff I ever worked.

Comment Been there, done that (Score 3, Insightful) 117

I can think of a whole host of problems this device will have, starting with it is see through device and therefore is competing with greatest power source in the solar system, the sun. Also, this device is interfacing with a set of genes that evolved millions of years ago on the plains of Africa. And it's a mono display, the brain does not handle mono well, just ask the Ah-64 pilots. These guys need to talk to some Army Aviation folks, at Mother Rucker. Been there done this, like about 15 years ago......

Comment Re:hands up! (Score 1) 231

Oh I had forgotten that. Oh the tech skill of past decades. My oldest child almost died laughing when I told her about cassette storage, no seriously, audio cassette. Or my dual 8" DSDD's, man was I hot shit. Got to go, my twitter feed on my smart phone is calling.......

Submission + - Alternative Grade School Language Programs

Dross50 writes: Our grade school (K-8) just recently canceled the world language program. Just not enough time in the day to do it all and the budget is a mess.

Are there technology alternatives that don't require a certified teacher? We are talking Elementary school so it has to be fun. We are not so much concerned with academic grading and this may take place after school. Reading and writing not the highest concern, that comes later.

Comment Re:Love how u.s. senators name bills (Score 1) 157

Yes, love it to. But there is another aspect to this. The government takes our money and gives it back to us if we are good little boys and girls. This is our money taken from us at literally the threat of gunpoint (don't pay your taxes, we will send men with guns to take your house or car or your person) then "given" back to us if we comply. If we scale back our government such that they consume less of us and our labors we could rein them in.

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