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Comment Re:If it's available, it will be used.. (Score 2) 194

You mean the court orders that are never denied? He could probably submit one to find out where his daughter goes on a date and get it approved. It really wouldn't surprise me if the courts these are submitted to are nothing more than an automated system that auto-approves everything.

Comment Re:Prime membership (Score 1) 180

We've had Prime for a few years. I actually don't even think about having it. It's deducted once a year (which I normally miss), and we order enough from them I'm spoiled on the regular 2-day shipping, with next-day for cheap. Their prices aren't always the greatest, but I love the fact they almost always have what i'm looking for so for me it's worth the convenience.

Submission + - SPAM: Boost Oxygen

cannedoxygen writes: Boost Oxygen helpfully tells that "oxygen is an essential gas for human beings" and maintains that its 89 percent oxygen mix (ordinary air contains about 21 percent) can assist boost energy, especially during workout. The company says its mobile bins deliver 90-percent real, flavored oxygen and it will be available at booths in the convention and in several resorts in the denver-metro region. Oxygen cafes and the like may not introduce major health dangers for healthier folks.
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Comment Re:Multiple Displays (Score 1) 134

I use this solution at work. The tall chair is quite comfortable, and when I want to stand I simply move the chair off to the side. Not sure where you are getting that this would cause back injuries (the reason I use this setup is that I have five crushed vertebrae in my back, two are very bad). Granted, I don't use a drafting table, just a normal office cube-type desk that is raised up.

Comment Re:So...a year with fewer hurricanes = no warming? (Score 0) 256

What's to forget? You never knew anything about it.

Neither did/do anyone who actually believes man is actually behind any steep curve in climate change/global warming. I guess if you drilled down to a granular-enough level, humans might be responsible for speeding up warming by like... 3 weeks and 4 days.

All of this would happen, just like it is, if the planet were barren. Of course, we'll never have any data that shows this since ANY set of data collected will always be analysed and presented in a way that supports the researchers doing the ehh... how to word this... 'science'.

It is nothing more than a myth to divide the people so the power players can conquer. The issue is divisive enough that both sides will never work together to actually figure out what is actually behind it. Anything done to try and combat it will be driven by profits and/or power, not anything that could genuinely affect what is happening.

For the record, I don't know what to believe (my post is just playing along with the mantra of the deniers (I figured I have to be on one side or the other); I went with them as I'm a huge X-Files fan (Deny everything!)). I gave up trying since neither side will budge an inch in any discussion and maybe re-think what they believe, since by god whatever side you're on, IS RIGHT!!

Comment Re:Emacs org mode (Score 1) 227

I couldn't agree more. There is something about writing your notes down that for me has a memory affect associated with it. I could take the same notes in a digital program, but when I do I just don't remember things like I do when writing them down. I still swear by notebooks at work, and have never had issues searching for anything I needed to look up.

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