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Comment Re:Can't fire a Nazi? (Score 1) 1116

But don't you see where that path leads? If a company can fire anyone they want, then what prevents them from firing people based on their race, or their sexual preference, or political party? You have to draw the line somewhere. Just because you don't agree with his stance on gay marriage, does not make him a bad person. He was instrumental in creating the internet as it exists today. I'm not saying his viewpoint should be overlooked, but it should not affect how he does his job. If he can do the job and do it well without his personal politics impacting his work, then why should a company have the right to fire him just because he sees things differently than they do? I'm tired of everyone calling him a bigot because he donated to Prop 8. I don't agree with his stance on gay marriage, but part of what our country was founded on was the premise that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Free speech and all that. The fact that people came out in droves to demonize someone actually hurts the LGBT community. It makes it seem like anyone that doesn't agree with us is wrong. That's not how things work in the real world. People have opinions and you have to respect them.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 548

Ray Bradbury himself was a very strong holdout against ebooks. He said that electronic books "smell like burnt fuel." It's hard to disagree with him on that point. It's actually rather frightening to see a lot of what he wrote about in this book starting to come true. Remember that in the book, it wasn't the governments that stopped people from reading, they did it on their own. How long before the firemen (Amazon, B&N, Borders, etc.) come for your favorite books?

Comment Re:Really? Woz? (Score 1) 333

I've been using it for about two months myself, and I have to say that I do see what Microsoft is trying to do with Windows 8, but I know that this process is going to lose them sales. The problem with Windows 8 isn't that it has a touch interface, or even that it employs full screen apps. The problem is that if you use it with a keyboard and mouse (as desktop users are wont to do) you have a lot less uasability with the OS. The abilities are there, just a lot more of a pain to find. It took over a month for me to even discover that you could close an app by draqging it to the bottom of the screen. I didn't learn it on my own either, I had to find a video online to even know it was an option on the touch side as well. That's where we find the issue, not only is Microsoft treating the enterprise users as second class citizens, they aren't teaching people how to use their interface which isn't the most self-explanatory interface I've ever used (I can usually figure out an Apple product pretty quickly, and there was no learning curve for me at all in Android if you want a basis for how I arrived at that conclusion). Windows 8 isn't the worst OS I've ever used, but it needs a lot of work (one of which would be to re-instate the start button and boot into desktop mode for "power users" or people who are actually attempting to create as another poster said). I believe that once they release Windows 9, it'll be much better. Thus perpetuating the "Windows cycle."

Comment Re:Woz's unbiased reviews (Score 1) 333

I agree that the Zune died a horrible death, I still believe that Microsoft was too quick to pull the plug on it. They were definitely moving in the right direction with the Zune HD. If they had advertised it at all, it might have made a bigger impact. I actually really like my Zune and don't intend to give it up anytime soon. I'll admit i"m definitely in the minority here though. It was a decent product that really wasn't given a chance and everyone I've heard of that DID give it a chance really liked it. Just my two cents though. (All the other products I agee with though except for the iPhone 5. It may be bleeding right now, but soon it'll be the new "standard" for Apple, and it won't die away)

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