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Comment Obscurity Lost (Score 1) 204

Once Mac was safe, supposedly due to obscurity. Actually it is still reasonably safe when configured right. But Apple will not take Microsoft's path. I really see this leading to the shift from MacOS to iOS in the Macs. Completely locked down and protected by gatekeepers.

Which wouldn't be so bad. I would give Unix/BSD/Linux/GNU a new place to fight for users.

Comment Good for most, sucks for a few developers. (Score 1) 3

Personally, I find this wonderful. Microsoft should severely deprecate and eventually eliminate Silverlight. I find Silverlight much better than Flash, but at the same time, the need for proprietary solutions for content delivery has faded. Aside from DRM for Netflix, I fail to see exactly what Silverlight provides that cannot be actualized using the modern web "standards," such as HTML5.

With Windows 8's silly home screen, Microsoft seems to be embracing the growth of HTML 5, and that is a good thing all around. If their home screen paradigm builds momentum, and a number of quality HTML 5/Javascript/CSS apps are created for said home screen, it should be trivial to create a similar interface for OS X, GNOME, KDE and so forth that will be able to natively run such apps... no need for WINE or any other form of emulation.

By switching to "standard food" as opposed to their own dog food, Microsoft will encourage the use of their cloud services, and in turn will hopefully allow for better integration into the modern device ecosystem. SkyDrive shows promise, but it is not really useful. By switching to HTML 5, and if they allow it to become a locally mapped resource on devices it would be infinitely more useful. An HTML5 based solution could theoretically run on any system, local or mobile, and the switch makes sense for everyone.

Except for the developers who got onboard the Silverlight ship, that was showing holes and sinking on departure.


Submission + - Facebook Takes Down Roger Ebert's Page (

jfruhlinger writes: "Roger Ebert, best known for giving thumb-based film reviews in At The Movie, has reinvented himself for the digital age over the past few years, with an active online presence that includes widely read Twitter and Facebook pages. But his Facebook page was briefly removed after Ebert, responding to the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn in a car accident, wrote "Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive," prompting complaints. The page is back now, but as blogger Chris Nerney notes, the incident shows that "your" online presence is in many ways not really yours, if it depends on services that can remove it on a whim."

Submission + - SkyDrive drops Silverlight ( 3

mikejuk writes: Microsoft's SkyDrive, a web service that provides cloud storage for end user files, has just acquired a revamped user interface — and it is HTML5 based. Yes, another Microsoft website has dropped Silverlight. How can Microsoft expect independent developers to base their future on Silverlight when Microsoft itself is abandoning it like a sinking ship? Whatever happened to "eating your own dog food"? It seems that now Microsoft would rather eat dog food made elsewhere....

Submission + - Media Players, Linux and Ogg Vorbis

One Salient Oversigh writes: "I have been able to use Ogg Vorbis files on my iRiver Digital Music Player and easily access it via my Linux o/s (Kubuntu 6.10). iRiver is one of the few companies that have produced players capable of playing Ogg Vorbis sound files, and all that is needed to make the player Linux-friendly is a change of firmware. If anyone is interested in how I was able to do this, check out my story on my blog. Are there others out there who thought they were disenfranchised by the Window-centricity of MP3 players?"

Submission + - Linus says "GNOME is limiting";Submits pat

Axmt writes: Linus got into an argument with GNOME developers accusing them of having a "users are idiots" mentality and limiting the configuration options. He went on to submit patches in order to make it behave like he wants. What the Salshdot users think? Is GNOME too limiting compared to KDE?

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