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Comment Re:Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

In other words, you lied in your previous post. You aren't actually willing to switch operating systems. You also, apparently, didn't read any of the links I included. Your logic is basically irrational and exactly as described in all of them. You're willing to accept any future abuse from Microsoft because in the past you spent some unknown amount of money on Windows software? Good luck with that. You need to accept that money you've already spent doesn't always determine the best path forward. Situations change and past decisions may need to be re-evaluated.

Comment Re:Maybe the aliens are just as religious (Score 1) 534

Agreed, anyone who claims we, humanity, survived contact in Childhood's End needs to read the book again. Humanity was at best absorbed. Anyone who accepted the offer was human in appearance only as a personal preference. (And the ability to choose is basically a lie. No matter how often you chose "No" the offer was always there. The sphere wasn't leaving until there were no more humans to accept.)

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 491

I recall seeing a gzip archive that that was specifically crafted to extract itself. Basically so a virus scanner would recursively extract the same file. It was intended to function similarly to a fork bomb if I recall correctly. (That was a long time ago though, and such an attack would no longer be functional. Virus scanners have wised up to such tactics.)

And as the GGP stated there are the wonderful zip bombs such as 42.zip. But 100 GB? Ha! Try 4.5 petabytes of useless garbage.

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