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Comment Banks Matter(s) (Score 4, Insightful) 150

Sci-fi doesn't need to defend itself any more. It is clear now that it is a genuine artistic and intellectual pursuit. Sci-fi matters and Bank on sci-fi matters.

Banks matters because he has stablished a strong humanistic viewpoint on his works. The conflict on dogma and respect, the materialistic world-view, and the dignity of the individual. Reading Banks is a pleasure, not only as it is a great writer and storyteller but because it is extremely hard to join hard sci-fi, space opera and sociological speculation. I was envious when I read Banks novels. My society and my world is so short-sighted. People in power prefer to stop progress afraid they will lose a slice of the pie. Banks is a raw spirit. Hard to classify and never afraid to detect and point to the conflict.

Reading Banks is like driving around in Scotland. Landscape flows and you feel it passing trough, You stop there and have some pure malt whisky, no need to hurry. You know the next day you will flow around the highlands, you can't devour it, you must taste it. You can spend your time smelling the pure landscape, every intricate surface detail for miles.

Comment Paradigm Change (Score 1) 723

One of the most interesting uses of Hydrogen is not just as an energy source or storage. Hydrogen may change the centralized generation paradigm in use. In the same way that the Internet changed the way information was created from individual sources to end to end communication, Hydrogen may allow smaller generation plants.
While one method is to switch to bigger and bigger energy plants and more massive interconnected networks, the other is to swith to individual generation facilities, where dependence from traditional utilities is reduced.

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