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Comment Re:This has happened many times since the late 60s (Score 0) 498

If I tell you I saw a UFO, then blame my physchology. If a radar and other eye witnesses see the same UFO then that would be outside verification...wouldnt it. If I see a guy who I know died come back to life, and other witnesses see it then that would be outside verification. Not all of the accounts in religion and in UFO's fit neatly into your phychology theory.

Comment Re:sco still alive? (Score -1, Offtopic) 286

I would support the social causes if I thought government could fix them. Instead it often makes the problems worse and at best wastes a ton of money for little result. The American people are very generous and dont mind spending money to help people who are in need. At the state and community level they can do it more effectively. It just doesnt work having the federal government involved. In some cases it has the opposite affect and makes the problem worse.

Comment Re:Yeah, but.... (Score 0) 178

The real problem is online MMO's do not model society. In society we know that allowing people to kill other people at will causes a break down in civilization. An MMO can allow people to kill each other, but there has to be away where the citizens can police their outlaws. One way is to allow a victim to tag the other player for a bounty, get enough bounty's and you can become an outlaw whom anyone can attack and whom anyone can collect a bounty on which would be some kind of sliding scale.(ie more money/incintive based on how much a murderer you are..) Outlaws would be their own faction and have their own towns. But they wouldnt have access to the best gear/tech that civilization has to offer because they are on the outside of society. They would have to scrape by until they redeem themselves. You could even have a new class who is able to track outlaws (like a hunter can track humanoids) and make money by killing them....

Comment Re:Really? (Score 0) 351

It all boils down to this.... Democratic governments that already are taxing their citizens at near 50 percent have to find sneaky ways of taxing them without it being obvious to the denizens that they are paying more than half their labor in taxes.... This is just another way of doing this.

Comment Re:Not after eight years of Bush (Score 1) 508

Dont know where in the USA you could be living, perhaps Arkansas but the rest of us have good running water and sewer systems. So we havnt fallen into the third world just yet. Most of our problems go back to the very first experiments in socialism that good ole FDR brought in. Including the bailouts we have done recently for the current economic downturn. But never fear. The true conservatives who value the constitution, small government, and freedom will right this ship again. We will be happy for you to come along with us to prosperity. We are Demoncratics and Republicans of every race and creed. When you have had enough of your socialist paradise just step aside. We are already working on the problem.

Comment Re:I guess it depend on your priorites. (Score 1) 508

For the current President it will never be a priority. Spending money on space doesnt mesh with his agenda. Why would you spend money on space when there are millions of underpriveldge people who will vote for your social agenda whom you could just give the money to. We must spread the wealth in this country. Forget doing it by the tried and true method of capitalism. Lets try it through socialism. I mean forget that it never works and it just makes the poor, poorer, the middle class poorer and the rich more powerful because they are now party officials, who are running all our lives. Lets give it try anyways.

Comment Re:Unintended consequences? (Score 1) 2424

No you didnt. You just said you heard because you thought you would make a smart "show on the other foot comment". The entire premise of your post was to make up a scenario that was not true just so you could try and impress yourself with how clever you were. Why would anyone leave the US over this? Think about it. The Demoncrats just passed a Healthcare bill that was in direct opposition to the overwhelming majority of Americans? What do you think will become of that? Do you think that the people will just say "ah shucks" guess we will have to live with our elected officials going against our wishes? No. We are simply going to get rid of the lot. President. Gone. Congress Gone. This vote probably killed off the Democratic party as far as independants go. It will never recover. You cant go against your constituants, that brand will never leave the Demoncratic party...ever....

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