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Comment Re:feminism (Score 1) 642

The whole premise is already sexist. They define sexism only as sexism against women and the whole initiative is done on therms of how they see women are treated. There is allowance for opposing opinions, no possibility of sexism against men and disregard for every competent study ever done which all tend to say that most things in life are gender neutral (like domestic violence where both genders tend to be the aggressor equally but only men go to jail for it, even sometimes for being the victim).

Comment The wait was unnessesary (Score 2, Interesting) 133

If they would just have based ECMA4 on Actionscript and stuck with it, we would have had all the things we're still missing in javascript long ago. All this complaining about "proprietary" platforms is just depressing. When people complain about the need for plugin player with flash etc. and how Javascript is so much better since you don't need external players I mentally mark them down as idiots. The only difference between Flash and Javascript from running perspective is that every browser has included the Javascript runtime in the form of Javascript parser, if Flash were included in the same way (especially now that it's an open format) there would be zero differences between these two, except that you could use an actually sane programming language instead of one that lacks consistency and has all the hallmarks of homebrew script language.

Comment Who cares... (Score 1) 314

I've possibly seen a 200€ or 500€ bank note once or twice in my life. This has no affect on me what so ever and I suspect that people who actually have lots of money don't use those notes either. They are like the 1 and 2 cent coin. They have practically 0 utility in any meaningful transactions and just make everyone's lives harder.

Comment Re:For the love of god... (Score 1) 144

The fact that you say "tainted by Men's Rights Organizations" shows that all you know about Men's Rights movement is the propaganda spewed out by feminist publications... or you think that actually pointing out facts and trying to work towards an actual equal society is "being tainted by".

Comment Soo... (Score 1) 488

Trying to end unneeded subsidies is seen as stifling from the solar energy people. I call it fair competition and I'm not even libertarian. Solar and wind are subsidized heavily all over the world which is very much behind their current rise. I would like to see a fair competition of the energy market or barring that at least move towards actually useful short term solutions i.e. nuclear reactors.

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