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Comment Cheating at Tournaments (Score 5, Insightful) 105

Although I don't play CS:GO, I have heard it has a major cheating problem. The worst part about this is that it doesn't only occur on random online servers, this occurs at major tournaments with prize pools of thousands.

As the hacker mentions, Valve makes some major cash from CS:GO, being one of their most popular games. They should be doing a lot more to prevent it.

Comment Steam Machines (Score 1) 729

This is where I think Steam machines can really shine. Console gamers don't want to deal with the sort of stuff in the article, a vast majority of them may be intimidated by it as well. Also with setup, there's dealing with viruses, corruption, and backups. Although not much of a problem in reality, these aren't the sort of things that console gamers want to put up with, rather just turning on their systems and playing right away.

I think Steam machines could really take off here, being a hybrid of both a console and a PC. I believe some models of Steam machines allow the user to upgrade its components as well. However, at the moment Steam OS is limited mostly due horrible pricing on what seems to be the majority of models. It could be said that games are a limiting factor as well but that's improving rapidly.

Comment Re:Xfce (Score 1) 176

I don't think Xfce is the best example of customization. Several people have requested that the trash bin to be disabled but the developers have stated that any patches never be accepted, instead recommend users use hacks to clear it such as a cron or inotify script.

Bit frustrating as this is something that's found on every version of Windows since the Recycle Bin was introduced.

Comment Re:Bittorrent (Score 1) 356

Same file, different torrent. If you've already downloaded the previous one, just rename it to resume where it was left off.


Comment White Noise/Static (Score 1) 790

I suspect once (if?) I ever have kids, I doubt that they'll ever come across white noise unless hearing it at school.

Back in the day, you would run into it by simply by changing the TV channel or radio station. Nowadays devices scan for a list of channels, preventing you from running into it, and even if you tuned it manually, modern TVs can detect it and simply block it out.

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