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Submission + - RIAA's flunks high school math

Drakkenmensch writes: The reason why RIAA asks for settlement and lawsuit amounts in the thousands-to-one in regards to lost revenue on per-unit downloads may be quite simply that they suck at math. RIAA's Cary Sherman recently declared that song downloads are experiencing "logarithmic growth" ( but anyone with a basic knowledge of logarithms knows that a logarithmic curve experiences a steady decline until it stabilizes a growth near zero towards the infinity end of the X-axis (
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Submission + - New DNF screenshots 1

Drakkenmensch writes: "So, 3D Realms releases 2 new screenshots to keep the internet discussions of Duke Nukem alive. This is not the first time they've done so, and the wikipedia article ( gives a detailed timeline of the game's development and media releases. Now, the real question is... have they simply given up on REALLY making the game and kept the "when it's ready" release promise as a slick form of VIRAL MARKETING? You can get the latest screenshots at"

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