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Comment NHave you seen the permissions? (Score 2) 130

Have you seen the permissions the Facebook App has on the HTC Rezound? (And I'm sure on other phones.) Oh BTW you cant actually remove the FB App from this phone unless you root it.

This is exactly what it says on my phone...

Permissions: This application can access the following on your phone.

- Your personal information
Read contact data, write contact data

-Services that cost you money
Send SMS Messages

-Your messages
Edit SMS or MMS, read SMS or MMS, receive SMS

-Your location
fine(GPS) location

-Network communication
full Internet access

-Your accounts
act as an account authenticator, manage the accouns list

modify/delete SD card contents

-Phone calls
read phone state and identity

-System Tools
prevent phone from sleeping, write sync settings

Comment Re:Fucking backwards (Score 1) 602

So the last thing you can show me regarding this was from the Vietnam War.....

The thing is, we don't show enough of "Babies being blown up" and it sounds wrong, but think about it.

If Americans saw what war really did to people, there would be more people against the war. You see, American's don't like that kind of stuff.

Comment What hacks me off. (Score 1) 256

What hacks me off about ISP's is the available packages for internet.

I just moved up to Colorado, and I had to sign up for internet at my new apartment. It was DSL, and the available packages were as follows...

10.0 mb

When in reality all that I need for gaming, and some Hulu action is perhaps 5mb, but they get you to take that extra jump to 7mb so they can charge you more. All that most anyone needs is maybe 3mb and even that would allow you to some some video streaming (Perhaps not in HD) 5mb would do most American's just fine.

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