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Comment poop (Score 1) 835

Last I checked we did not have a population problem where we need to open up to immigrants let alone offer them free land like the colonists lol. We can barely sustain ourselves yet alone illegal immigrants. I dislike when people speak like you.

Comment This alone wont stop people in the UK (Score 2) 348

People will proxy and tunnel around this easily. The mega website torrent scene is getting a beating with the final blow being the US legislation which hosts most of these sites. A new distribution system for torrent files will come along, but maybe it not being so mainstream will be a good thing.

Comment Re:Good. Ubuntu was slowing down progress. (Score 1) 84

It boils down to what your definition of progress is. Creating powerful software which benefits all fields of science and technology or dumbing down software so more people use it. Linux isn't dominating the server software market because Ubuntu hid the console from consumers and made their webcam work instantly.

And this attitude is exactly why Linux will never become remotely mainstream. Mucking around with code, recompiling stuff, etc, might inflate your linux ego, but it is going to turn away 90+% of computer users. Making a good OS doesn't have to mean one or the other. It just means building something that works seamlessly on the "clicky-clicky" level while hiding more powerful options in the background, but leaving them in for power users to play with. Ubuntu has done a lot for linux adoption and popularity, despite such snooty opinions of linux geeks such as yourself.

Comment Good. Ubuntu was slowing down progress. (Score 1) 84

Ubuntu is famous for making Linux xfree86 more like windows which moved Linux progression backwards, attracted a bunch of pseudo techies, and promoted development of clicky-clicky applications. I am glad to see respectable distributions like Debian make the list. FreeBSD is also an excellent operating system.

Comment iPad = Failed attempt to combine netbook/ereader (Score 1) 789

Apple products are generally for blonde's sipping on Caramel Frappachino's at starbucks. I agree that the portability and build quality of an iPad is nice, but its not a real computer nor is it nearly as practical as an eReader. $599 to tire your eyes trying to read on a LCD and watch youtube video's is pretty dumb. Netbooks are practical e-readers are practical iPad is dumb

Comment Frigging hormones (Score 1) 701

I believe hormones do play a significant part. In my experience the only female I knew who was adept at using Linux had a beer belly and an above average amount of facial hair. As we all know, hormones affect the way things grow and develop which does include the brain. I believe that women have less capacity/capability for certain higher level mental functions then men because of it and a higher capacity/capability for emotions.

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