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Australian Politician Caught Viewing Porn 150

destinyland writes "An Australian Parliament member has resigned after admitting he'd used government computers to access porn and gambling sites. McLeay 'gave an uncomfortable press conference outside Parliament House,' notes one technology site, 'during which he admitted he had acted in a standard not expected of cabinet ministers.' Paul McLeay was also the Minister for Mineral and Forest Resources as well as the Minister for Ports and Waterways. In resigning, he apologized to his constituents and parliamentary colleagues, as well as to his wife and family."

Submission + - Vista designed to be preloaded with malware

SlinkySausage writes: "Trojan horses masquerading as 'cracks for Vista' are starting to appear on pirate boards. More worrying though, Microsoft has confirmed that Vista's image-based install process is designed to allow third-party software to be slipstreamed into the installation DVD. Great for corporate deployment of Vista with software pre-installed, but also a huge benefit for malware writers, who can distribute Vista images with deeply-rooted malware."

Submission + - Democracy Player is 0.9.2 and Growing Up Fast

Dean writes: Democracy Player, the open source answer for RSS video aggregation/playback, has just made it to 0.9.2 for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you haven't tried Democracy Player for a while, it's time to try it again. The application is more responsive and stable, uses less memory, integrates Bittorrent, and can now play Flash videos (including stuff from YouTube, Google, Yahoo, etc). Democracy takes all the hassle out of finding and watching videos from your favorite sources.
Data Storage

Submission + - What's a good data DVD recovery tool?

kwilliam writes: "I have a lot of home videos that I've meticulously edited and made into DVD's, but I also stored the raw MPEG videos on data DVD's (so I can re-edit them or convert them to whatever storage format is used in the future). Unfortunately, the DVD's are beginning to corrupt, and I'm getting errors when I try to copy files from the data DVD's back onto the computer. I don't want to lose the data, because I've put a lot of hard work into editing the videos, and they contain a lot of precious memories that I no longer have in any other form (VHS or hard drive). I googled for "dvd data recovery" but was overwhelmed by the number of programs out there. Is there a potential for any of these programs to actually harm the DVD I'm trying to recover? Which one should I use, and does the type of file I'm trying to recover (mpeg, avi, etc) make any difference?"

Submission + - OpenDNS Under Botnet DDoS Attack

mellow marsh writes: OpenDNS, the company that runs the PhishTank anti-phishing initiative, has been hit by a massive distributed denial-of-service attack. The attack started sometime Friday afternoon and, from all indications, was targeting Web sites that used free DNS management services provided by EveryDNS. At the height of the DDoS bombardment, EveryDNS was being hit with more than 400mbps of traffic at each of its four locations.
The Internet

Submission + - Converting a Website to a Wiki

CedgeS writes: I administer a website with a few thousand pages and images. I'd like to convert it into a wiki, mostly for the benefits of revision history and easy editing. The task seems fairly straightforward: make a list of which filename will have which article name, convert as much of the html as possible to wiki markups (especially links and images), strip out php/ssi includes for headers and footers, and toss it all into a wiki. Sharing your knowledge of existing software and migration experiences would be a great help to me and to others attempting the same feat in the future.
User Journal

Submission + - Extreme monsoons on the rise in India say scientis

hydkat writes: A team of scientists led by B. N. Goswami, of the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, predict that there will be an increase in the number of monsoon related extreme whether events in the future. They base their conclusion on the analysis of weather patterns data in Central India collected over a period of fifty years. Their Nature journal publication was reported in nature news and by national geographic

Submission + - OSDL Lays Off Entire Engineering Staff

An anonymous reader writes: From a colleague of a colleague of a colleague:

OSDL just laid off their *entire* engineering staff this morning. No warning. It's a ghost town in the building now. Smells of some really nasty board-level politics, but information is not exactly plentiful.

All OSDL hosting is frozen — no more new projects effective immediately. The infrastructure staff has been reduced to a single person (who also has to manage the in-house LAN and desktop support). I get the feeling OSDL is going to be encouraging projects hosted here to go elsewhere. The one remaining infra staff was already talking to management about what systems in the lab could be shut down to save on the power bill.

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