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Comment Usefulness of losing a hand (Score 1) 399

I never really got the drive behind smart watches. If you want time, you get a $9.99 Walmart special. If you want some bling that also tells time, spend more.

I do not see how they intend to make a watch that could provide much more function that a calculator watch.

You can only use one hand to operate it, unless you have very dextrous wrists.
The display should be readable from about 12"-16" away so you don't have to hold it up in front of your nose to read it.
Even if it could display a whole tweet, you still need to pull out your phone to respond, re-tweet, etc.
You need to have your phone with you anyway, unless it is 100% stand alone AND small enough.

The iWatch idea with a lot of biometrics is a much better fit, with wider applications. Nursing homes could strap one to every guest and track vitals, monitor for other health risks and provide basic location reporting. Marathon runners would love a better / lighter tracker / pedometer that also tracks vitals and pace statistics.

I did own a calculator watch, it was handy but could not do much more than the basics. A full blown scientific calculation would be better, but again, size / weight is an issue.

Never mind what happens the first time someone dies / kills while playing with it behind the wheel. Look at phones and driving, major problem for some and law enforcement hammered it down pretty fast. Wait until its a 'watch' that can play movies/text/e-mail.

If anyone out there has a viable function for a device like this I would love to hear it, so far, no one I have talked to has come up with more that the MSP430 for pressing 'next' on slideshows.

Comment It's cheap and fast, you get what you pay for. (Score 1) 309

I personally went to a non-accredited technical collage and it lead me to my current job ( decent pay )

The hands on skills and networking with teachers and other students was the big draw for me.

Worth noting is that a lot of companies like to hire for these places for the specific reason that you don't have a degree. Yes it means less pay, but it also means for my ~$3500 one year course I was hired within 3 months of completion, and am making 2.5x minimum wage in my area. Is it great, no. Does it mean I am free to explore other interests? Definitely. Better to do this then take a 3-4 year course costing tens of thousands of dollars to maybe end up in a job I don't like.

Comment Not true location tracking (Score 1) 540

These cards are only as good as the people using them. They do not give live feedback on where someone is, they simply are used to swipe into rooms. If I swipe in to the school in the morning then skip all day, return to swipe out at the last bell, the system thinks I was in school all day. There is no alarm that sounds when the cards are out of range or any nonsense like that. This type of system is used literally everywhere from private to government companies for access control.

Comment Analog to video games (Score 1) 409

The MMO EVE online is all about space combat and other than sound in space it does pretty well.

The reason for a carrier type ship with a complement of small fighters is because a large ship cannot combat may small ones, they are too small and too fast for the larger weapons systems to have any effect. EVE has drones for this purpose and it makes a significant impact on game play..

Comment Re:So goes a once-talented filmmaker (Score 1) 325

That's a great lesson for you young creative types out there. Careful what you wish for.

Because being filthy stinking rich and not having to struggle to make a name for yourself is NOT the goal of many up and coming -insert art form here-.

I think George is OK with where he is, rolling around in all that money.

Comment Nessesity of it all (Score 0) 104

Why not maintain the IPv4 for the home scale devices (5 port routers) with a IPv6 WAN side connection?

It seems very overkill to push IPv6 to the home level even with "network light bulbs" how many can one house have? 20 - 30 would be a lot of lights and even if everything in your house came with built in WiFi I don't think you could fill up 255 addresses on 99% of homes out there.

Also for a tech perspective can you imagine the support calls with customers rattling of IPv6 addresses all the time?

  my $0.02 anyways.

Submission + - Virgin server admin in need of help 6

Dragon_Eater writes: "Dear Slashdot,

        I want to setup three kids, 12, 14 and 15, with newer computers so they will stop fighting for time on the one ten year old Dell they share now. I can get the individual computers and a server put together without any problems but the computer handicapped single parent needs to be able to do the following via an simple application/webpage:

                — View client computer status, On/off, sleeping etc.
                — Deny internet access, not LAN, just the web
                — Scheduled time usage of computer, ex. 7AM to 10PM on school nights etc.
                — Force log-out and/or shutdown of clients, for grounding purposes
                — Some kind of firewall filter for blocking undesired web content

        And as the administrator for this network I would like the following options:

                — Remote virus scanning of client machines, or scheduled task
                — Some kind of hardware monitor, high temp / fan speed low etc.
                — Email alerts for various log files / alarms

        Given the lists above I am thinking about a Linux based router/server machine and running windows on the clients for game compatibility. I also know that a server and network boot client is possible but not sure where to start on that one. I have lots of experience setting up PC's and a passable knowledge of Linux but am severely lacking in the server/client department so any help the Slashdot community could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Dragon Eater"

Comment trixbox & Polycom IP Series phones (Score 1) 405

You can run the server software ( Free ) on any older machine and the phones are nearly open source with the options they have.

The Phone can be expensive but any unit ( phone, cell, PC etc) that can run SIP based telephone calls will interface fine.

For example I have a HTC Dream with android and the SIPDroid app works very well.


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