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Submission + - Vatican Warns Against 'Excessive Zeal' for IP ( 3

An anonymous reader writes: The Vatican has written an encyclical warning that 'excessive zeal' for IP rights is harmful. They're not against IP per se, but they are concerned with the problems caused by things like drug patents, which leave the citizens of poor countries unable to afford medicine. In essence, they're arguing that a 'fair regime of intellectual property rights should aim toward the good of all' and that current regimes fall short.

Submission + - You have taste receptors in your lungs ( 1

timothy writes: Says the article: "It sounds like the plot of a Troma flick, but yes, your lungs contain taste receptors. When these receptors encounter bitter compounds, they open up your airways — this discovery could radically improve the treatment of lung conditions like asthma." I wonder if this is why some people can handle spicy foods, and others can't ...

Submission + - Are Software Architects Necessary? (

snydeq writes: "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister sees Ray Ozzie's departure from Microsoft as part of a larger debate regarding the role of the software architect in today's tech organization. 'At their worst, architects are seen as the ivory-tower academics of software development. They create plans that they expect others to follow, but they don't actually lead — which inevitably causes friction with business line managers,' McAllister writes. Worse, 'as the disconnect between architecture and actual development widens, the overall impression of the software architect becomes that of someone who gets to act like a superstar developer but who doesn't have to confront any of the responsibilities, risks, challenges, and compromises that "real" developers face.' Still, McAllister argues, architecture remains an important part of software development, assuming it's seen as part of a collaborative process."

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