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Comment Re:Fully Baked? (Score 1) 53

Yes, I have run into the "over heat and fall off the bus" issue. I ended up having to depower (pull the plugs on the host system) the system entirely in order to get them to work correctly after that. On both of the systems I have setup Phi Cards, I had to update the BIOS and set the system fans to run full speed all of the time.
It would have been nice if the cards included their own throttling...

Comment Fully Baked? (Score 4, Informative) 53

Good. The current generation Phi cards are a pain to administer. With luck the new generation will be more fully baked.
- very hot card, no fans
- depends on software to down throttle the cards (mine have hit 104C)
- stripped down OS running on the cards, poor user facing directions for the usage

Anyway, enough from me.

Comment Re:is javascript faster than java? (Score 5, Informative) 177

javascript != java

The change of name from LiveScript to JavaScript roughly coincided with Netscape adding support for Java technology in its Netscape Navigator web browser. The final choice of name caused confusion, giving the impression that the language was a spin-off of the Java programming language, and the choice has been characterized by many as a marketing ploy by Netscape to give JavaScript the cachet of what was then the hot new web programming language.

Comment Expectations on User Will Increase (Score 1) 659

Any cool start-ups selling medical diagnosis software?

I can see the need for my lawyer and second doctor to have access to them, but I don't see how I will be able to do anything useful with them.

I predict medical malpractice will disintegrate. Too often we non-experts are expected to make expert level decisions. With the records there will be less of an excuse.

Comment Illustrates a Problem (Score 1) 976

The story does illustrate one of the many issues. Different people need information communicated in different ways. Some want CO2 exhaust listed in tonnage, others need comparison charts. Personally, I find comparisons to "average households" to be meaningless, but a comparison with "middle-aged bicycle commuters, both by time and miles" would be great

Comment Re:$500,00 equipment with WinXP (Score 1) 727

Less than a year ago we had a piece of laboratory equipment die due to the hardware of the controller PC. After guessing about the probable failure rates of various options, we purchased a new version of the instrument. The instrument arrived with a new controller PC with WinXP installed on it. The installer then told me how his company had to really work to find a copy of WinXP for the system.

So the plan of upgrading out of WinXP will only work once all hardware vendors no longer have access to copies and instrumentation suppliers stop being able to get copies.

Comment more clear (Score 1) 98

There has to be a way to make this statement more clearly. The less coupled with the NOT is too close to multiple negatives for my lightning fast reads. "This would mean that there was even less of Ubuntu that was NOT shaped and polished by folk other than Canonical â" a move that one would think would be well received."

Comment Re:NSS (Score 1) 209

There was once a show on Comedy Central focusing on a guy that would run scams.

In one he got his home cleaned for free by posting an advertisement for lingerie models for a calendar for an equestrian magazine. When the girls showed up he had them pose with cleaning supplies and “pretend” to clean. It took him all day, but his house was clean for free.

He explained that he chose an equestrian magazine so that it would send up a red flag and eliminate all of the smart people that would cause trouble.

The show may have only aired that one episode.

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