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Comment Re: Miracle! (Score 1) 92

There are a great many varieties of Christianity, and I've yet to read of one that has anything even close to your formulation.

It is possible that stating "turned over to Statan" is over stating the case, but in the garden story, Adam and Eve are given free will making it their world where their will has sway versus God's. They then choose the opposite of what God wanted.

Flip to the end in Revelation 21:1:

Then I saw "a new heaven and a new earth," for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and there was no longer any sea.

There would be no reason for a new heaven and a new earth if the current one is God's. If this was God's world, there would be no reason for redemption.

Comment Re: Miracle! (Score 1) 92

If you think that a morally superior deity is actually in control of things then it makes perfect sense. Some suffering can be attributed to human free will but quite a lot can't.

Christianity (which may fall into your category of [t]hose tend to be ancient and out of favor.) doesn't assume that a morally superior deity is actually in control of things. Christians believe that a morally superior deity gave this world to man, and man gave it to Satan.

Your mileage will vary.

Comment Re:There will be no shortage of volunteers. (Score 1) 92

My grandparents are reaching a period in their lives when things are becoming very difficult.


My grandparents made it abundantly clear when I was growing up that they only wanted to live as long as they were not a burden on anyone else. My grandmother lived to be 91, and the last two years she was living her worse nightmare. She would have been much happier if we had given her a big 90th birthday party with a permanent sleeping potion after the last guest has left.

I'm friends with an 88 year old that was an absolute mental giant in his time. He is now reduced to mumbling to himself with most coherent conversations starting with "Is there a man with a knife behind you?" He has both auditory and visual hallucinations and is draining his savings at the rate of over $2K a month.

A kind and just society would allow for people to create a path to avoid such a fate.

Submission + - UN asking experts if Olympics should be cancelled.

BarbaraHudson writes: After months of saying there is no threat from the zika virus, the Associated Press is reporting the United Nations is asking a panel of experts to assess the risks due to the zika virus.

LONDON (AP) — The World Health Organization's chief says she will convene an expert committee to consider whether the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics should proceed as planned, following concerns raised about the threat of the Zika virus.

In a request last month, U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen asked WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan to evaluate whether the Rio games this year should be delayed or postponed. Chan said in a letter released by Shaheen on Friday that WHO has sent senior scientists to Brazil four times to assess the risk of Zika to the approximately 500,000 athletes and visitors expected to attend the Aug. 5-21 games in Brazil.

Between the open sewer that is the aquatics venue, the zika virus, the problems with basics such as electricity, and a host country that can't mount the type of security we're seen in recent Olympics, would you go?

Submission + - IT Admin Faces Felony for Deleting Files Under Flawed Hacking Law (wired.com)

schwit1 writes: IT administrator Michael Thomas deleted a collection of files before leaving his job at the auto dealership software firm ClickMotive in 2011, the 37-year-old Texan wasn’t merely charged with destruction of property or sued by his ex-employer for damages. Instead, he’s been charged with a felony count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, (CFAA) a law passed in 1986 to prevent and prosecute malicious hacking.

Submission + - Experts surprised by rise in US death rate.

Ungrounded Lightning writes: According to The New York Times, the US death rate has risen for the first time in more than a decade (or several decades if particular. The rise is across the whole population, though whites, especially the less educated among them, were recently (and separately) documented to be particularly hard hit.

The article speculates about drug abuse (prescription as well as illiegal), suicides, and Alzheimer's, though it notes that heart disease — which had been consistently dropping — has also risen.

No mention was made of whether the cutover to Obamacare, with its disruption of established doctor-patient relationships, retirement of doctors, rises in health-care costs, reduction in healthcare options, and delays in filling or rejections of prescriptions for lifesaving drugs, might have had some effect.

The ageing of the population was mentioned — though the rise is present even within particular age groups.

Comment Re:Because they do it at all (Score 1) 280

In terms of evangelical conservative views, of course they make terrible wives and mothers, ...

I admit that I only know 4 evangelical conservative Christian families (which is probably dwarfed by the extensive studies that you've done); however, the women in the family tend to be well educated.

Family A: Mom has a degree in nuclear engineering. She worked the field until she realized that the public school system was completely failing her kids. She home schooled them until they entered high school. Their daughter is now studying to be a vet.

Family B: Mom has a degree in mathematics. She decided to become a teacher before home schooling her children. The oldest daughter went to one of the military academies. The younger daughter received a full-ride plus massive stipend to attend the state university.

Family C: Mom has a computer science degree. The oldest daughter is now studying to become a medical doctor. Youngest daughter is still in high school.

Family D: I don't know what mom's degree is in. The daughter completed her pre-law degree and is now in advanced studies.

My family is far from being an evangelical conservative house hold. My wife has a computer science degree and her entire division was laid off as a result of 9/11. The kids liked having her home for a change and seemed much happier. My wife eventually went back to work full-time. The kids weren't as happy after that. Your mileage may vary.

Like I said, I only know four evangelical conservative families so it is only anecdotal data -- but then again, I didn't see you even attempt to quote a study beyond the "everyone knows" category.

Submission + - Australia's major parties vote against encryption in wake of Apple FBI case (delimiter.com.au) 1

daria42 writes: If you're counting on Apple to keep your digital information safe, you may want to think again ... at least if you live in Australia. Yesterday the country's two major political parties — Labor and the Coalition — voted down a motion in Federal Parliament calling for strong encryption to be supported in the wake of the FBI's demands that Apple unlock iOS. It appears that implementing comprehensive telephone and email retention in Australia may not have been the end of demands by law enforcement in the country.

Comment Re: Either the workers of the world unite (Score 1) 420

Mighty dishonest of you to change the set to include the entire world, which completely skews the value of the dollar earned in comparison to the market.

Actually, it's pretty dishonest of you to not include the entire world. The entire world looks at the excesses that you own, that you consume and are disgusted. But, of course, in typical self-centered fashion, you point to someone else and say but look, they're worse!

Go ahead, live in your cocoon, isolated from 99% -- just like the 1% that you despise.

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