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Comment Re:This again? (Score 1) 395

x86 vs ARM vs 68000 assembly language.  They are more similar than completely different like you claim.

// === x86 asm
add     eax, #2         // Add immediate:   eax += 2;
add     eax, ebx        // Add register:    eax += ebx;
add     eax, [ebx]      // Add from memory: eax += ebx[0];
inc     eax             // Increment:       eax++;

mov     eax, DWORD PTR [ebx]        // Load int from memory:    eax= ebx[0];
mov     eax, DWORD PTR [ebx+4]      // Load next int:           eax= ebx[1];

// === 68000 asm
ADD     #2, D0          // Add immediate:   D0 += 2;
ADD     D1, D0          // Add register:    D0 += D1;
ADD     (A0), D0        // Add from memory: D0 += A0[0];

MOVE.L  (A0), D0        // Load int from memory:    D0= A0[0];
MOVE.L  4(A0), D0       // Load next int:           D0= A0[1];

// === ARM asm
add     r0, r0, #2      // Add immediate:   r0 += 2;
add     r0, r0, r1      // Add register:    r0 += r1;
add     r0, r1, r2      // Add registers:   r0= r1 + r2;

ldr     r0, [r2]        // Load int from memory:    r0= r2[0];
ldr     r0, [r2, #4]    // Load int from memory:    r0= r2[1];
ldmia   r2, {r0, r1}    // Load multiple:           r0= r2[0]; r1= r2[1];

You are hilarious wrong.

Comment Re:Simple: Restore from your backup (Score 1) 116

Bet they are in the same situation as I am. I have a back up. The backup restores correctly, all the data is there. Except the application can't connect to the db because it is trying to login with a hard coded password. And the database is on mssql 7. The company that made the software has long been dead. We still use the application, but trying to upgrade it to sql 20xx has been a challenge.

Comment Re:The real question (Score 1) 341

Here's what is interesting... I have seen a lot of things being re-implemented in node.js, that is.. these are complete rewrite of a protocol, api, etc. but using pure js. The speed that things are getting written is really really fast. I have been looking at making the jump from C++ to node because of this. It's the most lightweight dev platform that let's you 'write once' and run anywhere. It's like.. java but better. The only issue is, node.js is really designed to be used on a cluster of machines on the server side.

Comment Re: Did not "win" jeopardy (Score 1) 168

How's the ability to buzz-in before anyone else a faulty design? Whoever buzz-in first gets the first crack at the answer. A lot of contestants will buzz even if they don't know the answer, but hope that they know the answer before the limit is up. Watson just so happens to be able to buzz-in faster than any human.

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